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Strategic Management: The Case of Emirates Airline
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Strategic management: The vision and mission of Emirates Airline
Emirates; a constituent of Emirate group UAE has its headquarters in Dubai. Emirates was founded on October 25th 1985 whereby it concentrated in regional flights. Currently, Emirates is one of the most influential, quality adhering travel and tourism conglomerate. The airline company has managed to be a determining factor of UAE economy and gas spearheaded the expansion of the aviation industry. Emirates has also created the largest network in the employment line with about 84000 plus employees from different nationalities. (Emirates, n.d.)
The Mission and Vision of Emirates Airline

Emirates is consumed in providing quality services despite the related shortcomings associated with the voluminous of crafts fleet. The airline motto, “Committed to the highest standards in everything we do”, speaks it out all that the company is committed to provide first class experience to all its customers. Emirates is envisioned to attain a safe and leading civil aviation standards and also to create a civilized world void of poverty. To see the Giant airline attain its vision, it has embarked on foundations sponsorship mission like the “St. Leonard’s Orphanage, Sri Lanka” which aims at providing food supplies and a range of charities, ("The Emirates Airline Foundation", nd)
The company, Emirates, also follows several success oriented ways strategically for success. Among these is the commitment to diligence and integrity; focusing on fundamentals and results. Emirates endeavors in a leading others in matters pertinent to quality service, fastness and innovative service not limited to but also inclusive of cost-efficiency (Emirates, n.d.). Additionally, Emirates airline vision is to be among the world class greatest and valuable contributors to improvement of human race in terms of environment and social matters. Claudio, and Roberto, (2007) points out those factors such as speed of delivery, integrity, diligence and quality of service are fundamental to business growth. It also aspires to be an environmental leader in the aviation and travel industries.

Strategic Directions, Strategic Objectives, Projections and Achievements of Asus

The airline delivers unparalleled innovative solutions that further inspire consumers to explore their full potentialities. It is also inspires its customers by the diversity of its services different from its competitors in all areas. Their strategic understanding of the requirements of today's lifestyles sees the airline set a number of objectives and data collection methods to make sure that the clients are fully contented. The company has as well incorporated proprietary free services and extended client support system by the dully trained cabin crew to impact its customers' lives and engagement throughout the flight. (Emirates, n.d.)

Emirates philosophy backs services development by accomplishing the fundamentals well first before moving forward. The airline’s philosophy has given birth to dependable backbone of its continental flights and the ever-growing customer network. Findings by ibtimes shows that the Middle East carrier was the most preferred carrier in 2013 was the Emirates airlines with an annual positive projected growth of 20%, (Riva, 2013). This shows an achieved strategic goal that the management of emirates has been for long planning. Senior managers and concerned stakeholders take the time to develop and articulate appropriate strategic goals, similarly when Emirates came into being it started with two carriers. After a proper market research and its potential investment chances, emirates realized that winning the clients trust creates a marketing platform. (Irwin, 1974). In other words Emirates invested heavily in the well reputed Boeing carriers which are universally known to be dependable and also made using latest technology. Considering the capability of the airline to purchase 1/3 of A380s manufactured by Boeing corporations shows the airlines dedication to excellence, (Riva, 2013).
Contemporary issues affecting Emirates airline within strategic management frame work

Legislative measure

However, Emirates constantly announces a growing percentage of profit each year, the government policies cost the company a fortune. With the sensitization of global warming, Airports act 1996 is increasing becoming effective.


Carrier marketing platforms are becoming overcrowded recently. Since Emirates is way ahead of its competitors like Deutsche Lufthansa, heated marketing strategies are adopted making potential clients more confused to a point of choosing blindly (Riva, 2013)

Pressures to reduce the Travel Cost

Excellent services in the Emirates carriers attract much more fee. Documented cases of customers’ pleas for ticket fee reduction are on the rise. Most have argued that energy cost and fuel prices have gone down and so should the airline consider these factors. (Bender & Stephenson, 1998)


Changing lifestyle forces the airline to spend reserve funds to fit complex gadgets to win and retain customers. These Devices, i.e. Wi-Fi distributor should be installed in such a way that it does not in any way interfere with the planes signals.

Lack of Staff

UAE is characterized by scarce manpower. Due to this, Emirates majority of workers are from diversified developing countries. However, the scenario is changing currently; more jobs are becoming available in the developing countries reducing labour export.

Reflecting on Strategic Management Framework

Evaluating the success of emirates airline, it is evident that it has strived against all odds to be one of the leading carriers (Mouawad, 2011). A move to realize its vision and mission started in the year 2011 when the stakeholders agreed on (emirates group, 2011). This saw the airline formulate a management framework to enforce its improvement program. The carrier had four policies of which they had a compulsion to stick on to.


Emirates management worked in close relation to strategic management framework to implement services improvement program. Departments’ coordination was excellent, communicative and fast to review future approaches to activities. Before Emirates indulges in any finance related investment, it was made sure that information pertaining business status inclusive of all factors like internal else external sources not excluding data from past findings and correspondences was satisfactory to the stakeholders. The management always aimed at figuring out if the information, long term trends, risks and opportunities were beneficial.

In this way, Emirates had insight and awareness of the supposed environment including potential changes that can affect its effectiveness. Data and information analyzed allowed Emirates to prepare for the implementation of changes and to be ready in advance just in case it occurs.


In this step, Emirates took into account processes considering desired goals and objectives and strategized on how to achieve them. A joint evaluation by Emirates stakeholders determined that the expected goals by considering the related services else monetary investment that was well suited to attain the goals putting into considering how the improved investment program plan will be implemeted.

Resources Allocation

After planning, Emirates airline allocated resources involved which entailed funding, equipment and labour. Since the larger part of Emirates shares are government owned, the process primarily occurred via the State Budget. This process even considered other emerging needs i.e. The formerly unanticipated risks. This is a move usually aimed at reducing the instances which can cause a relapse of the entire framework

Implementation and monitoring

Emirates was so attached to the implementation of its projects such that it formulated an all time round supervision schedule. The process involved tracking and reviewing of finances and capital projects to ensure they are meeting their targeted objectives. As Pinto & Slevin said, this stage is the most crucial since one has to ensure that services correspond to the comparison performance graph, (Pinto & Slevin, 1987). Emirates stakeholders monitored finances including the balance sheet, forecasts and phrasings’. They also had to adjust activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


This stage was used in an aim to show whether the processes depicted success of the improvement program. This fortunately marked as the turnaround for emirates making the airline a success


Emirates move of offering unique products has enabled the airline to reach new productivity level. In addition, its principles and values have also propelled the company into becoming among the largest providers carrier services. Further, the deductive approach of Emirates in regard to services development has greatly assisted the airline in expanding its services and service offering from traditional approach to modern way of approach. There is no doubt that the strategies have also enabled the airline gain more share both in local, regional and global markets. The competitive edge of this company is further enhanced by the consistent purchase of modern airbuses, utilizing a competitive pricing strategy, and using exceptional marketing strategies.


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