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Business and Commercial Awareness

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BA (Hons) Business Administration - Blended Learning

Business and Commercial Awareness
Coursework - 6FBS1261

Implementation Plan for the Operation Departmen

Nicole Alexander

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Page no. Section 1- The Investment idea and the role of the Operation department 3 Section 2- How the investment idea will impact the Operation department 3 Section 3- Milestones and Time plan for the major operations activities 4 Section 4- Financial Overview for the Operations Section 6 Section 5- How the Operation implementation plan is linked with other departments 8 Section 6- Risks identification and Management 9 Section 7- Resource requirement by the operations department 10 Section 8- References 12

Section 1 The investment idea and the role of operations department The operation department stands as the foundation of the business operation, and how the company would be run and the ideal location for the business. The operations staff that would be involved is a few people since the business of upgrading two hotels that would be located in Los Angeles and San Francisco to five star status. The source of funding is very critical to this investment, and it would be given to the operation department by the financial department of the Eagles’ Nest Company of $125 million. This money was made available to this syndicate group Solutions Supplying Strategists to help develop the Eagles’ Nest Company to help...

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