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Business and Environmental Issues

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General Motors Corporation and
The Environment

Module: Environmental Issues (BC215013S)
Academic Year: 2010/11
Semester/Trimester: 2
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1. Executive Summary
The report comprises the following sections which discuss the connection between General Motors (GM) as a major car manufacturer, and the environmental issues and policies that concern the company: * Environmental legislation affecting GM is outlined. * The internal and external drivers of GMs policies are analysed. * The policies themselves are discussed. * Recommendations and conclusions relevant to the future of environmental protection from the automobile industry’s point of view are made.

Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Introduction 4 3. General Motors 4 4. Main Legislation (International, National and Local) Affecting General Motors 4 5. Analysis of the Main Drivers of GM Environmental Policy 9 5.1. Internal and External Drivers 10 6. General Motors Environmental policies 11 7. Analysis of General Motors Environmental Policies 12 7.1. Specific 13 7.2. Measurable 13 7.3. Achievable 14 7.4. Realistic 14 7.5. Timely 15 8. Recommendations 15 9. Conclusions 16 10. Table of Figures 18 11. List of Tables 18 12. List of References 18 13. Bibliography 20

2. Introduction
This report investigates and analyse the impact of General Motors (GM) on the environment, the company’s environmental policies and an outline of the main environmental policies affecting GM. The problem of global warming and the depletion of natural resources is a major concern in the 21st century. GM as a major automobile maker plays an important role in the preservation of the environment and as a result in dealing with the issue of climate change.
Environmental damage is without...

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