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Business and the Mexican - American Community

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Business and the Mexican - American Community

Business has made a major effort in recent months to meet the challenges posed by the urban crisis, but the major thrust has been to design programs of action aimed at the Negro community. Largely ignored has been the plight of the Mexican- American community, the second largest minority group in the United States.
This paper is based on a study of the characteristics and practices of low-income Mexican-American consumers in East Los Angeles and of the retail enterprises serving that community. While the challenges facing business in meeting the demands of the Mexican-American population are great, outstanding opportunities exist for improving the distribution of goods and services to this important segment of the market.
During the 1960's, the American business community generally has shown a growing awareness of the problems of poverty, minority group estrangement, and civil disorder. Business firms have become involved in programs to train and hire unemployed Negroes in urban slums. The Negro ghettos have also been the target for business- and/or government-sponsored attacks on slum housing, inadequate medical facilities, outdated educational plants and methods, meager recreation facilities, and a host of other problems. The riots in cities throughout the nation were clearly a major stimulus for these action programs.
During 1966 and 1967, an extensive study was conducted in East Los Angeles. Nearly 1,300 questionnaires and observation forms were completed in an effort to answer three basic questions:

1 / What are the characteristics of low-income Mexican- American consumers?
2 / What are the characteristics and practices of the retailing firms serving these consumers?
3 / What are the opportunities and challenges facing business in the Mexican-American community?

Community Traits

In order to...

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