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With Proper dress Code
With Proper dress Code
With improper dress Code: * Block smock with colorful braided rope belt and tucked in her smock at the waist * open sandals would be on her ankles * made a bracelet, dangling earrings and a necklace of large metallic blue beads to complement the smock color

With improper dress Code: * Block smock with colorful braided rope belt and tucked in her smock at the waist * open sandals would be on her ankles * made a bracelet, dangling earrings and a necklace of large metallic blue beads to complement the smock color


CASE 4.1 Is a "Jazzed-Up" Out professional?
Chelsea completed a program of study as a physical therapy assistant at a technical institute and accepted a position at a local hospital where she would support several physical therapists. The reaquired attire for everyone working in the physical therapy unit is a blue smock and matching slacks. Chesea received information about the required attire. While in school, she enjoyed buying clothes in vintage shops and accessorizing with wild-print handbags and lots of jewelry to achieve her own individual look. Needless to say, Chelsea found the required smock and slacks pretty dull clothing.
After purchasing the required clothes, she began to think about how she could "jazz up" the outfit. She excahanged the drawstring in the slacks for a colorful braided rope belt and tucked in her smock at the waist. She made a bracelet, dangling earringsand a necklace of large metallic blue beads to complement the smock color. Chelsea knew she would be on her feet most the day but opted to wear open sandals so that other would be on her ankles. Chelsea's first day on the job caused quite a stir in the hospital unit. A few minutes after she arrived for work, Chelsea heard the the following announcement over the intercom: "Will Chelsea Jenkins please report to the Human Resource Office."
1. Why do you think Chelsea was called into the Human Resource Office?
2. Does it matter that it was Chelsea's first day on the job? Why or why not?
3. List some workplaces where you have observed a strict dress code in use. Why do you think a strict dress code was necessary?

I remember when we are having our competition. It’s all about Christmas decoration competition. Because of my eagerness to win I over exaggerated the decorations. I put a lot of Christmas balls even at the (kisame) meron g decoration na rin.. So it ends up like we are in the disco with a combination of Halloween party because of the white stripped put on the Christmas tree that turns out like a spider web. Without any further ado, I lost and the one who won uses simple but elegant decorations. As reminded by father Jun, that there is always time for everything though this is his last day in this university I will always remember what he impart to me. Doing extravagant things is a very good idea but not the excellent one. Sometimes being too much is not as good as you think and might lead you to danger or loses. In a private places like that, it is important to be look –clean, look professional, Yung sa isang tingin mo pa lang gagaan na ang loob mo especially if you are working to a private organization working for public. Hindi ung parang daig mo pa ang customer mo sa pananamit. Dress code is very important for you to be known as the agent of that firm, it is the edge of the company if all of its employees are well-centralize because its exhibited professionalism and unity among members. For the service be more organized. Chelsea was being called by the human resource because she broke the essence of unity and centralization of the facility (in terms of dress code) not because she is just new to the said institution. (See the upper most picture why dress code can affect the productivity and serviceability of an individual) The following institution who strictly and mandated to have a dress code are the service and merchandising firms. Service firms and merchandizing organizations are very particular in terms of dresscode because they have the direct contact to their customer. Their service varies upon their customer perception and relationship with them giving them quality service. Kung ako ang customer ang una kong lalapitan yung taong tingin ko pa lng magaan na ung loob ko at very approachable. In addition if you are also promoting your business to others multi-national firms it is better for you to wear your business attire because you are the face of your products and the sales depend on you. Though dress code is just only a mandatory rules to abide… Any rules that was created has its own purpose. Do not exaggerated, do not underestimate. But obey it seriously because it symbolizes unity, productivity, and relationships (customer, employer & employee) that are all. Thank you!!!

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