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Week 7 Business Comms

1. IMC is different from traditional promotion strategies in that it takes the approach that consumers see all types messaging (i.e. billboards, commercials etc) as a single company speaking to them.

2. The traditional communication model is the process whereby meaning is transferred from a source to a receiver.

3. Elements of the Promotion Mix are:

a. Advertising: where the marketer controls what their message will say, appear, etc.

b. Sales promotion: incentives to retailers, price oriented promotions, excitement for retailers and consumers.

c. Public Relations: Relatively low cost, High credibility

d. Personal selling: Salesperson can get immediate feedback from the customer.

e. Direct Marketing: Targets specific groups of potential customers, easy to measure results.

4. Word of mouth marketing is the ability to give a group of people reason to talk about your product, and increases conversation about it. Buzz Marketing is the use of high profile entertainment/news to get people to talk about your brand. Viral marketing is entertaining and informative messages designed to be passed along in exponential fashion. Guerilla marketing is where a firm floods a lot of its promotional content in places that is not normally expected. Experimental marketing are activities that attempt to give customers an opportunity to actually interact with brands.

5. IMC is a business process that is used by marketers to target specific audiences. Some of the characteristics are: they interact with the customer; it creates a single unified voice, involves two way communications, generates a continuous stream of communication, and focuses on changing behavior.

7. There are 5 steps in developing the IMC plan. They are: Identify Target audience, Establish communication objectives, Determine...

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