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Contents 1. Terms of Reference 2 2. Procedures 2 .1 Internet 2 2.2 Case study for JoC 2 2.3 Library 2 3. Findings 3 3.1 Background of Joy of Chocolate 3 3.2 CG’s current organisational structure 3 3.3 Proposed structure for JoC 3 3.3.1 Functional and lateral relationships within the proposed structure 3 3.3.2 Line of Authority within the proposed structure 3 3.4 Relationship between Contingency theory and the merged organisation 3 4. Conclusion 4 5. Recommendations 5 Appendices Section 9 Appendix 1 10 Appendix 2 11

1. Terms of Reference

Fiona Balloch requested the report to be generated to provide information on the structure of Joy of Chocolate and CG Chocolates. The purpose of the report is to show a new structure for the organisation. This report was requested to show functional and lateral relationships within the organisations departments. The areas covered within the report will be procedures, background, relationships between contingency theory and the merged organisation within Joy of Chocolate. The report is to be submitted for 19th February 2016.

2. Procedures

Several Procedures were used in JOC Research The methods used to complete the report were:
2.1 Internet

The internet was used to research information on different structures within other companies to show examples of different line and lateral relationships.
2.2 Case study for JoC

A case study was used to identify the relationships in different structures to research who worked in each department who is delegated to different jobs and achieve goals and targets within the organisation.
2.3 Library

Research was completed in the library to finalise the report by using different resources. To find out different strategies and findings for Joy Of Chocolate.

3. Findings
3.1 Background of Joy of Chocolate
A brief overview of...

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