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Business Communication in China

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July 30, 2011
Professional Writing SUMA11 Sec C
Professor Marie Larcara

Date: July 29, 2011
To: Kelly Services Marketing Department, Supervisor
From: Team C, Research Department
Subject: Cultural aspect of China
Business Communication in China

As requested “Team C” has researched the required information needed to successfully penetrate the market for temporary staffing service opportunities in China businesses per our conversation June 5, 2010. Although the current wide success of Kelly Services Management here in the United States to understand the diversity of cultures in every business and capitalize on it, the opportunity to have the same success in China would require a different operational approach. Potential growth in this new market would greatly increase our reputation here at Kelly Services Management as well as our revenue growth.

During our research on how to successfully penetrate the Chinese businesses for staffing services the main focus of the research was to logically acknowledge and understand the cultural aspects of China’s business practices. The purpose for this research was to understand the challenges in working within the Chinese business culture. The following research covers high and low context communication style indicating what is acceptable to the Chinese people. This research covers the meanings associated with the Chinese people commonly used communication style in business practices. This research covers the aspects of the gender roles within the Chinese business culture and gives perspective to their employee structures. This report recognizes the dominant religious values, cultural aspects, and communication style and gender roles acceptable by the Chinese that may influence sales messages as to not offend the Chinese people in any way.

Culture & Communication Style Problems
China and its people...

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