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Declan Brady
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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Methodology 4
History of Computers 5
Computer Hardware and Computer Software 9
The Four Main Components of Computer Systems 10
Types of Computer Systems 12
Examples of Computer Input Devices 14
Examples of Computer Output Devices 15
Printers 17
Equipment of the Modern Office 19
Storage Devices 21
Computer Networks – LAN and WAN 22
Systems Software and Application Software……………………………………………24
Conclusion 24
Bibliography 25

This project is been carried out for the Business Computing module for the Computer and Network Technician FETAC Level 5 Certificate course. In completing this project I hope to acquire a greater understanding of computers and the technology that is commonly used with them in the modern workplace. The carrying out of this project itself will also hopefully leave me better equipped with the skills to carry out projects in the workplace if I am required to do so in the future.
For this project I will use the internet to research for the information that this report requires. Once I feel confident I have enough sources for the topics that need to be covered I will start choosing relevant information from these websites and use them in my report where needed. If needed the information taken from websites will be rephrased so that the content is fully relevant to the project.
For this report I will use various Internet search engines to find my information. For browsing websites I will use Google Chrome and its syncing bookmarks feature. For typing up the report I will use Microsoft Word. For any image editing I will use Adobe Photoshop CS 6.
By the end of this report I hope to have a greater knowledge of how to use Internet search engines for carrying out research. I also hope…...

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.... Much research should be done before purchasing one. Random Access Memory The next piece of hardware is the RAM. The RAM comes in the form of rectangular plates that slide into the motherboard. There are many different sizes and types of RAM that include DDR2, DDR3, SRAM, and DRAM memory. The difference between DDR2 and DDR3 is the speed at which the memory runs at. DDR3 runs faster than DDR2 and is also a more recent technology. SRAM and DRAM are also two different types of memory. SRAM is short for static RAM and DRAM is short for dynamic RAM, Static RAM is used primarily in the CPU as L1 and L2 cache storage. Dynamic RAM is the memory that is plugged into the motherboard in the form of RAM sticks. Many mother boards will have slots where you can put RAM sticks; many times there are only 2 slots. As computers become more advanced, mother boards may have 4, 6, or even 8 slots for RAM. These additional memory sticks allow for much more computing power and keep computers running at amazing speeds. Although computers these days can have many gigabytes of RAM, the frames per second while playing video games can sag if there is no graphics processing unit. Video Cards When thinking about a video card there are a few things to consider, first of which is what you will be using your computer for. If the computer is for an office user, maybe a video card is not mandatory but for a heavy gamer or one that is going to be using video editing or graphic intensive software it is a...

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...Chapter 1 Structure and Functions of a Computer "Hardware: the parts of a computer that can be kicked." ~ Jeff Pesis After completing this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Explain the importance of computer literacy. 2. Define the term computer. 3. Identify the components of a computer. 4. Compare the uses of various types of: input devices, output devices, and storage devices. 5. Describe categories of computers and their uses. Structure and Functions of a Computer 1 1.0 Introduction A computer is an electronic machine designed for the storage and processing of data. The machinery is called hardware, and this highly sophisticated equipment needs equally sophisticated programs (called software) to become a working computer system. Modern society has come to depend very heavily on the use of computer systems. Banks, businesses, government departments, industries, shops, people at home and school all rely on computer to play a vital role in their daily activities. These activities are centered on information. In business, the computer system has been used a lot and replaced filing cabinets as means of storing information, and clerical workers as a means of processing it. By storing and processing information on a computer system, these businesses can function more quickly and efficiently, because information can be found and collated much faster. Discovery Learning: A computer was also called a data processor. Why? 1.1 Major Parts and Functions A Computer...

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...LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL Date: November 29, 2012 To, Muhammad Shahedur Rahman Lecturer School of Business Studies, UU Subject: Submission of Term Paper. Dear Sir, We are highly delighted to submit our Term Paper in complete form. This assignment is an integrated part of our BBA (CSE) program. To prepare this report we tried our level best to accumulate relevant information from all authentic sources. It will be highly hearten able if you are kind to receive this Term Paper. For the completion of this report we tried hard & soul to follow the guidelines given by you. We are very much thankful that you have given us the opportunity to prepare this report under your supervision and hope that this report will meet the standards of your verdict. Sincerely yours, (Syed Shohan Shah) On the behalf of the group EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this modern age computer is a very essential in our everyday life. It helps our every work. Without computer we can not live without a single day. It has many parts like hardware which are touchable and software which are untouchable. Computer users may use a scoring system of evaluation when there are several competing proposals for a hardware or software acquisition. They give each evaluation factor a certain number of maximum possible points. Then they assign each competing proposal points for each factor, depending on how well it meets the specifications of the computer user...

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.... First, spreadsheets can have data in a cell, but a cell is more than just a row-column-intersection. Depending on your spreadsheet software, a cell might also contain formulas and formatting, which database tables cannot have (currently). Secondly, spreadsheet cells are often dependent on the data in other cells. In databases, "cells" are independent, except that columns are logically related (hopefully; together a row of columns describe an entity), and, other than primary key and foreign key constraints, each row in a table is independent from one another. 5. How do I import a text file of data into a database? --Well, you can't do it must use a utility, such as Oracle's SQL*Loader, or write a program to load the data into the database. A program to do this would simply go through each record of a text file, break it up into columns, and do an Insert into the database. 6. What web sites and computer books would you recommend for more information about SQL and databases? --First, look at the sites at the bottom of this page. I would especially suggest the following: DB Ingredients (more theorical topics), DBMS Lab/Links (comprehensive academic DBMS link listing), Tutorial Page (listing of other tutorials), and miniSQL (more information about the best known free DBMS). Also, if you wish to practice SQL on an interactive site (using Java technologies), I highly recommend Frank Torres' ( site at and its new sequel (so to...

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... motherboard has. It generally has 2 or 4. Therefore, assuming a 1 gigabyte DIMM, 2 slots would supply 2 gigs and 4 slots would supply 4 gigs. Disk drive The RAM memory is like the current thoughts or short term memory of a person, the disk drive is the long term memory. It holds a vast amount of data, programs and control software to support computer system and user activity. Current computer storage technology has advanced to the stage that a 100 Gigabyte drive is quite inexpensive. Getting anything less would needlessly limit your ability to store and save information. Disk memory is much slower than RAM memory but it is much cheaper so that it is used to backup and supplement memory operations. Operating System The operating system is the software that contains the logic to control all the computer hardware, software and systems. It provides the capability to interact with the computer and provides access to and control of all the programs. It also defines and maintains a scheme whereby data can be filed on the computer and retrieved when necessary. The most popular operating systems on the PC are Windows XP and Vista with Linux and other variants controlling a minority of computers. The MAC currently uses OS x which is a variant of the UNIX operating system. Input and Output Keyboard The keyboard is the most direct form of human input to the computer. It can be used to generate data and documents, provide information for commands or to initiate operations on......

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... Under traditional principles of intellectual property protection, copyright law has served as the principal source of legal protection for literary and artistic work, while the patent system and trade secret law have been the primary means for protecting utilitarian works. Computer software as a relatively new recipient of copyright protection, however, defies easy categorisation within the traditional framework of the intellectual property system. 1 With respect to computer software, courts have had to grapple with the vexatious issue of drawing a precise line between copyrightable expression of computer software and the uncopyrightable processes that they implement. The present paper seeks to study some of these themes and the principles enunciated in judicial decisions in clarifying the issue. Computer software as literary work It is a well-established proposition that computer programs2 are copyrightable subject-matter, just like any other literary work.3 Loading a program into computer memory, saving the program or running it without authority may infringe copyright. Making an arrangement or altered version of the program or converting it into or out of one computer language or code into a different computer language or code is also an infringement. It is a well-established proposition that computer programs are copyrightable subject-matter, just like any other literary work. Loading a program into computer memory, saving the program or running it without authority...

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