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Contents Introduction of the Alphabet Games 2 The four forces for change may impact upon Alphabet Games 2 Political factor 2 Economic factor 2 Social culture factor 3 Technological factor 3 The SWOT analysis for the Alphabet Games 3 Strength 4 Weakness 4 Opportunities 4 Threats 4 A set of guidelines to conduct an Effective SWOT Analysis 6 Step 1 6 Step 2 6 References 7

Introduction of the Alphabet Games Alphabet Games is the game company which is providing the software and games apps. Alphabet Games is established in 2001 at Scotland. The company began three friends pursing a passion for the software development has grown into multi- million pound nosiness at the cutting edge of the games development market. The rented office that housed three students has been replaced by a custom built facility that houses research development and production which ranks alongside any of its comparable competitors. This report is going to claim about the PEST analysis and SWOT analysis of the Alphabet Games according to the case. Firstly, PEST analysis will be claim as follow.
The four forces for change may impact upon Alphabet Games The four forces for change may impact upon the Alphabet Games in the fact of PEST analysis. PEST means that the Political factors, Economic factors, Social culture factors and Technological factors of a country which is the target market of the company.
Political factor Political factor of a country means that the law, rule and regulation of the country. Of course the Alphabet Games can be impacted by the political factors. Now a day, every country is making changes and added to their law. Political factors have the huge influence upon the regulation of the business and the spending power of consumers and other business. If the one of the political factor is not too tight for the distributors and customers, the company will lose...

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