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Business Culture And Strategy
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1. Outcome 1

2.1 External Forces that impact on Alphabet Games.

A PESTEL (political, Economic, Socio-cultural, technological, environmental and legal) has allowed me to analyse Alphabet Games Macro environment and upon doing this have picked the four factors that I feel have influenced the company most.

2.2.1 Legal Factor

The first factor I noticed was a legal one, which involved the black market and the rise in pirate copies of computer games. The lose of sales and profits can be expected due to customers purchasing these copies as oppose to games directly from Alphabet Games and so in order to cope with this problem A.G moved into the market of producing flash games for big business clients.

2.2.2 Technological Factor

The next factor, which I felt influenced heavily on A.G, was a technological factor and the introduction of HD Gaming to the games market. In response to this A.G invested heavily in new staff and new equipment.

2.2.3 Economic Factor

Another factor that I noticed A.G reacted to was the increased production costs which, were caused due to economic conditions. A.G in order to remain profitable outsourced some of their work abroad.

2.2.4 Socio-Cultural Factor

The last important factor I acknowledged was a social factor and was that consumers now desired better graphics in relation to how characters moved and behaved in games and to keep up with these expectations A.G entered into in partnerships with established enterprises in character and film development.

2.2 SWOT Analysis Alphabet Games

Appendix A shows a full SWOT analysis of Alphabet Games. This clearly highlights all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organisation...

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