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Business Decision Making Project

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Business Decision Making Project Final Project

Throughout the last five weeks, Learning Team B has researched and gathered descriptive statistics pieces of equipment for Darrin Compton’s future small bakery or café. Darrin Compton is starting a bakery/café. Darrin relayed that news to Learning Team B. Learning Team B decided it would be a good class long project to research and discuss. Each member was assigned a specific type of kitchen equipment for Darrin’s new bakery. The equipment list is as follows: Convection Oven, 10 Gallon Tilting Kettle, 20 quart mixer, 60 quart mixer, a walk-in refrigerator, and a walk-in freezer. From that point, the team worked individually; only consulting with the team and Darrin after we had developed a good piece of research for a specific piece of equipment. Once all of the equipment was sufficiently researched and vetted, the team compiled all of the information in discussion board posts.
Equipment for Research:
1) Double Stack Convection Oven
2) Groen 10 gallon Tilting Kettle
3) 20 qt. Mixer
4) 60 qt. Mixer
5) Walk-in Refrigerator
6) Walk-in Freezer Above is the equipment the team researched and developed a solid idea of what was a good price, warranty, shipping estimates, and quality. Some data you can infer from reading reviews and ratings on the various researched websites. How fast do the suppliers ship the equipment? Are the pieces of equipment ready to be shipped? Will the equipment be in good shape when it arrives? A lot of the equipment Darrin is looking to purchase is expensive, large, and heavy. The 60 quart Hobart mixer weighs nearly 1000 pounds. Based on reviews from the websites selling the 60 quart mixer, the shipping is outstanding. So you can infer that the shipments from will be prompt and the equipment will be in mint condition (if you buy new). Based on the research the team has conducted, we determined that the results of our analysis are leaning in favor of ordering off the internet, as opposed to ordering locally to Darrin.
The Double Stack Convection Oven, Darrin researched, brand Vulcan, runs between $9,400.00 and $6,600.00. Three separate websites were researched and vetted during our fact finding expedition. City Discount had a five star rating and review average on and the Oven costs $7,800.00 with free shipping here. The best deal based on price and average reviews was the Central Restaurants Products oven. Central Restaurants Products has a high four star average rating with a cost point at $6,600.00 with free shipping and a 90 day warranty.

All of the websites had free shipping for this product and the reviews were all comparable. Cost was the major factor in this equipment decision. Central Restaurant Products seems to have the best compilation of cost, quality and expected service. All of the research indicated in the above paragraphs and charts was completed for all six of the pieces of equipment Darrin requested for his bakery. The Tilting Kettle was ~$2,000.00 with free shipping, a shipping warranty, and a 30 day warranty after receipt from Central Restaurant Products as well. The 20 quart mixer was a source of contention amongst the group. Several brands were researched. Hobart - $2,695.00 on ebay with attachments with shipping included and an estimated delivery time of one week. Beskel Berkel brand - $1,600.00 delivered within 3 weeks but there was a hassle involving the registration on the website. New Presto brand – $2,695.00 with three available at the time but still took 3 weeks to deliver and again an unnecessarily involved application process. Most of us wanted the Hobart because it was the better brand as far as quality and name recognition even though it was tied for being the most expensive. In the end we went with the Hobart. The 60 quart mixer was specifically requested to be a Hobart brand mixer. When researching several websites had the mixer in stock and could deliver within 2 weeks of order placement. All of the websites had free shipping. The best cost and quality of service (again based on reviews) was Central Restaurant Products for $16,000.00 with free shipping and a couple of attachments and a 90 day warranty. The Freezer and Refrigerator were the same brand from the same website. Howard McCray brand for a combined $10,000.00 with high reviews. Shipping included leaves in 3-5 business days and arrives within 2 weeks of order placement. All in all, the research and data mining was extensive and complete. As a team we made a lot of really good business decisions taking into account statistics and relevance to the project. Most of the decisions were easy decisions to come to a conclusion on because of the high reviews and good price points from most of the suppliers. Darrin’s start up equipment cost is approaching ~$40,000.00. As a team we concluded this was below our expected costs from the beginning of the project. We attributed the relatively low cost point to be because our statistical analysis and research throughout the project’s timeline. Equipment | Price | Supplier | Double Stack Convection Oven | $6,600.00 | Central Restaurant Products | Tilting Kettle | $2,000.00 | Central Restaurant Products | 20 Qt Mixer | $2,695.00 | Ebay | 60 Qt Mixer | $16,000.00 | Central Restaurant Products | Refrigerator and Freezer | $10,000.00 | Central Restaurant Products |

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