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Business Development Asia

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Business Development Asia
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Business Development Asia

Type LLC
Industry Financial services
Founded 1996
Headquarters New York City, United States
Key people Euan Rellie, Senior Managing Director
Charles Maynard, Senior Managing Director
Products Investment Banking
Employees 70 (2012)
Business Development Asia LLC, or BDA, is an investment banking firm that advises on cross-border M&A (mergers and acquisitions), distressed situations, private placements, capital raising, valuations and financial restructurings. The company provides advisory services on crossborder transactions involving Asia, including the Middle East, typically with transaction values between $20 million and $1 billion.
The company is headquartered in New York with offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bahrain, and London. BDA has seven partners and 70 full-time professional staff across its nine offices, supplemented by a team of senior advisors around the world. BDA advertises itself as the "leading independent pan-Asian M&A advisory firm".
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1 History
2 Awards and Recognition
3 Sector experience
4 References

BDA was founded by Euan Rellie and Charles Maynard in 1996. Andrew Huntley joined BDA as its third partner in 1998. The three of them still run the firm. BDA is headquartered in New York City, with eight further offices in Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Bahrain. Managing Directors include Paul DiGiacomo, Jeffrey Wang, Mark Webster, and Jeff Acton. Each of these bankers has worked for BDA for more than five years.
BDA has so far advised on 18 successful transactions in 2012, compared to 7 transactions in 2011, 14 transactions in the 2010, 9 transactions in 2009, and 11 transactions in 2008. BDA has particular expertise in the chemicals, automotive, pharma, consumer & luxury, agriculture, and advanced manufacturing industries.
Since 1998, BDA has advised on over 100 closed transactions, for clients including Sherwin-Williams, Thomson Reuters, Johnson Controls, Molex, Henkel, Ecolab, Pfizer,[1] Tata Motors,[2] Life Technologies, Weir Group and Larsen & Toubro.[3] BDA has emerged as one of the leading mid market houses advising on Asian sellside M&A, successfully selling businesses for Arkema, AXA Private Equity, Clariant, Henkel, Rexel, and WestLB.
BDA was the Asian associate firm 1997-2009 in the Close Brothers Group, until Daiwa Securities Capital Markets acquired Close Brothers Corporate Finance in 2009. BDA has co-operated internationally with Houlihan Lokey, Harris Williams, Jefferies, Lincoln International, Morgan Stanley, Greene Holcomb & Fisher, Daewoo Securities, WestLB, and other investment banks.
In October 2011, William Blair & Co. formed an alliance with BDA and acquired a 10% stake in BDA in anticipation of executing more cross-border deals. Chicago-based William Blair said the tie-up would build its investment banking business in Asian markets, giving it a presence in Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Bahrain, and beefing up its existing teams in Shanghai, London and New York.[4][5]
BDA publishes Quarterly newsletters covering Asian industry and M&A news covering several sectors: Automotive, Chemicals, Health, Transport and Logistics, and Technology.[6] BDA's senior management is frequently quoted in top news sources such as The Wall Street Journal[7] and the Financial Times.[8]
[edit]Awards and Recognition

BDA has won numerous awards suggesting that it is a pioneer in Asian investment banking. These include:
Investment Banking Firm of the Year[9]
Dealmaker of the Year (Euan Rellie)[10]
Corporate/Strategic Acquisition of the Year[11]
Industrial Manufacturing/Distribution Deal of the Year[12]
Industrial Goods and Basic Resources Deal of the Year[13]
Technology, Media and Telecom Deal of the Year[14]
US Private Placement Investment Banking Firm of the Year[15]
Cross-border Deal of the Year, Small Mid-markets[16]
Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year[17]
Industrial Manufacturing/Distribution Deal of the Year[18]
Deal of the Decade
Asian Boutique Investment Bank Deal Team of the Year[19]
Small Mid-market Deal of the Year[20]
Cross-border Deal of the Year, Lower Middle-market[21]
Investment Banking Firm of the Year
Healthcare/Life Sciences Deal of the Year
Cross-border Deal of the Year (over $250 million)[22]
Industrials and Resources Deal of the Year[23]

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