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The park is located in a very good spot. It is surrounded by water which can be used as a river, and also attracts people as it can be used for the wet rides. It also attracts people as it is very attractive to be surrounded by water, as there are nice views. The park uses the water to it's advantage on the rides too, for example on Vortex, there are parts of the ride where it looks asif you are going to land in the water, which can be very scary, causing the ride to be more thrilling which achieves the rides target to be frightening. The park is situated only 20 miles from the centre of London and is very close to the M25 and M3, so it has good access roads for people which have to travel a distance to get there. With the park being so near to London, and with so many ways of getting to the park, it makes it easier for people to come from further away, attracting a lot more customers.


Competition pricing, Alton towers is one of the main influencers to Thorpe park along with chessington. The prices for the attractions are approximately the same to avoid a price dispute between the organisations.

Market orientated pricing
Thorpe park observes what is happening on the market when they set their prices. They observe what customers are sasitsfied with paying at certain times for example OAP and group pricing.

Peak and off peak pricing,
Peak - higher prices when the park is busy. off peak - lower prices to enocurage more visitors at different times.

Thorpe park offers discounts on their normal prices. e.g school trips, OAPS and family groups.

Special offers
Products are offered at a special low price, this encourages the sales of products.

price is one of the most flexiable parts of the malreting mix as it is very easy to change. Thope park offer a range of seasonal discounts in order to attract new customers....

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