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Business Environment – Apple Inc.

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The exact name of the corporation is : BAGBLOCKERS,INC. ARTICLE 11
Unless the articles of organization other provide, all corporations formed pursuant to G.L. C156D have The purpose of engaging in any lawful business. Please specify if you want a more Limited purpose:
State the total number of shares and par value, if any, of each class of stock that the corporation is authorized to issue. All corporations must authorize stock. If only one class or series is authorized, it is not necessary to specify any particular designation.

Par Value share Total Authorized by Articles Total Issued Enter 0 if no Par of Organization or Amendment and outstanding
Class of Stock Num of shares Total Par Value Num of Share CNP $0.00000 500,000 $0.00 0
G.L. C156D eliminates the concept of par value, however a corporation may specify par value in Article 111. See G.L. CI56D Section 6.21 and the comments thereto.

Prior to the issuance of shares of any class or series, the...

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