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1. Identify the nuggets from the two-day sessions of Business Ethics class and explain how would
you apply those nuggets in your work place.
Nuggets from the lecture
Ethics defined as the study of right or wrong and as broadly as the general inquiry into what is good.
Ethics examines the right or wrong within the context of moral duty. Business ethics is a form of
applied ethic in business activity that examines ethical principle and moral or ethical problem that
may occurred on business environment. It is applies to all business activity either to the conduct of
individual or entire organization. Some business may have same issue related to the business ethic
such as problem of product quality, transparency of the financial statement, environmental issues,
human right, workplace quality and safety issue etc. In business a company shall create a regulation
and code that will regulate the daily life and how business should perform in ethical way. Those we
call it Code of Business ethic and Conduct.
Code of business ethic and conduct for the company is very important to set up and regulate the life
of company. It’s collection of principle in term how they believe and aims to live by. It is also reflected
the corporate culture and its vision and mission of the company. How the code of conduct applied in
Chevron which they call it “The Chevron Way”. The Chevron code of conduct built in line with their
company’s vision and mission. Integrity is one of highest morality which they emphasize on their
Code of Conduct.
The challenge for the company is how the Code of Conduct is enforced to the all employees and all
entire organization. Its meaningless if the company has very good Code of Conduct but not enforced
in daily activity. Every employee entire organization must commit and understand the Code and apply
it in daily activity.
In Citi Bank…...