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Business Ethics Assignment 1

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Business Ethics
Assignment 1

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Background 3 History of ethics 4 Definition 4 Overview of all philosophies 4 Understand different ethical perspectives in business 6 Explain the background and development of theoretical ethical approaches 6 Four mains ethical traditions 6 Compare and contrast absolute and relative ethics 7 Aspect of ethical issues 9 Explain the ethical issues which can affect the operational activities of a business 9 Current ethical issues affecting business 10 Solutions 10 Understand business objectives from an ethical perspective 11 Explain how business objectives are affected by ethical considerations 11 Evaluate the implications for a business and its stakeholders to operate ethically 11 Value of Company 12 Solution in 1.3 effects on the value of Vinaphone: 12

Executive Summary
Business ethics is concerned with the result that each decision affects operating-governance impact on others, both inside and outside the enterprise. It is also considering the rights and obligations of each individual, humanistic principles to be followed in the decision making process and the nature of the relationship between man and man.
Vinaphone Company Telecom Services is a subsidiary of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) activities in the field of mobile communication, providing services GSM, 3G, messaging, ... and many other fields. By researching the company, Vinaphone faced with two difficulties with ethics. So here is the task of writing a report on issues for companies to help them better understand the issues they are facing.
Vinaphone mobile network is a mobile network using modern technology with GSM 100% of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). Vinaphone coverage 64/64 provinces and cities in Vietnam and international roaming connections to more than...

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