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Business Ethics at Gap Inc.


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Company Report: Gap Inc. and Business Ethics

Depestel Caroline Milijana Zlatic s0101027 s0100470

Professor S. Hughes
Year: 2012-2013
3th Bachelor Applied Economics

1. Executive Summary

The topic of this paper is business ethics within Gap Inc., a multinational retail – clothing company. The foundation of its corporate ethical approach is summarized in the Code of Conduct . This paper outlines the ethical problems Gap Inc. faced in the last years and more important, the solutions they found in order to remain a successful company. It shows how large companies deal with common issues like child labour and sweatshops.
In the first place, this report points out several examples of the problems had to deal with. These points, among which an important lawsuit and documentary, illustrate that their Code of Conduct is not sufficient enough to name Gap Inc. a model corporation in terms of business ethics.
Secondly, it is essential to make an overview of the resolutions for the problems that Gap created over the years. In answer to the critics on child labour and employee abuse, they launched a campaign in which they support several organizations. Furthermore, Gap increased its corporate responsibilty by creating several multi-stakeholder initiatives.
The quick solutions Gap came up with show that a big company can limit its economic damage when ethical issues occur. To maintain this positive ethical image that Gap pursues, it could publish its new efforts directly on its website and close the factories that employed children.

2. Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 3 2. Table of Contents 4 3. Introduction 5 4. Proof of insufficiency Code of Conduct (1999-2007) 6 4.1. Saipan Lawsuit (1999) 6 4.2. Western Factory (2006) 6 4.3. BBC

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