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Business Ethics in a Hospital Setting

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Business Ethics in a Hospital Setting
Darlene V Nickerson
Columbia Southern University

Business ethics in a hospital setting includes a review of many areas. Ethical considerations include the areas of patient care, nursing ethics, physician ethics, patient privacy, and medical billing practices. This paper will touch on ethical concerns for each of these topics.
Keywords: hospitals, ethics, patient care, nursing, physicians
Business Ethics in a Hospital Setting
When beginning a discussion of business ethics in a hospital setting it is important to take a broad approach. Because a hospital is a business and also a treatment facility, the ethical concerns must be considered not only for areas such as billing and privacy but also for ethics related to the appropriate care of patients, nursing ethics, and physician ethics. The ethics of the treatment methods employed based on the patient’s condition must also be considered.
Ethics and Patient Care
I believe that when discussing the ethical implications of patient care it is helpful to review a real-world scenario. One highly publicized case involved Terri Schiavo and her husband’s fight to stop her tube feedings as there was no hope for her recovery (VandeKieft, 2005). One reason for the high visibility of this case in the media occurred because the patient's husband and the patient's family disagreed on the diagnosis (VandeKieft, 2005).
Terri suffered a cardiac arrest due to severe hypokalemia (low potassium levels) (VandeKieft, 2005). The cardiac arrest led to severe brain damage and a condition called PVS (VandeKieft, 2005). The PVS acronym stands for persistent vegetative state (VandeKieft, 2005). A person in a persistent vegetative state has brain stem functions that survive but no higher level brain functions (VandeKieft, 2005). This equates to the person's body performing the...

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