Business Ethics Reflection

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Business Ethics Reflection
Anitra C. Barnes
XMGT 216
Dr. T. Glaid
December 16, 2010

Even in today’s fast –paced world, most people still take the time to use their own personal ethics and morals to make big decisions. There are some individuals who believe that ethics and morals are the right way to make a good decision in life, but there are others who think that they are wrong. Sometimes morals are used without a person even realizing it. This is due in part because of the way a person was raised. Most people do not tend to think about how their upbringing influences their adult lives on a daily basis. As people grow older, there will be a times that s scenario is observed in which unethical and immoral behavior takes place; this can leave another individual in some type of despair. There are individuals out there that build upon their ethical/moral behaviors while others continuously fail to make good ethical judgments.
Workplace ethics are extremely important. Tons of issues arise out of the workplace; these include pay-related, issues, family problems, time restraints, and so on. What so many people fail to realize is that a lot of these problems are very closely related to one’s personal morals. So, the truth is that a lot of the ethical problems one has in the work force are due to personal morals.
When I was eighteen years old, I started to work for a fast food restaurant. Now this restaurant was open late into the nights, so the restaurant typically got a lot of people coming home from a night out on the town, so there was always some story to tell. After I started working for this company, I climbed into a management position fairly quickly, within a few months. This, of course did not make a lot of people happy, but I felt I deserved it, so I just kept working to the best of my ability. I, of course, being the newest member of the…...