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Ethics Today
By Tywayne Springs

The ethics field of study changed in many ways the last 30 years. Today we live in a world that is more complex, technologically and more socially connected than ever before. Because of this result many more kinds of ethical issues have surfaced than we had to deal with in the past. Our frames of reference, including cultural, social, political and intellectual views have changed.
One thing in particular that people may argue that because of this, information age has made us more liberal in thought. As a result we heighten ethical issues on a differently than we did in the past. The legal system also continued to bring forth new laws to keep up with these ethic issues; however, ethical issues are legal issues yet sometimes they do not coincide. The complexity of the legal system from 30 years ago would pale to what it is today. Because of this, we as a society have become a law-driven society. Documentation and auditing have grown into a huge practice compared to in the past.
The digital age has also changed from 30 years ago by us trying to create a new sense of what reality means. Consider in person relationships versus long distance ones. Reality TV and real photos compared to touched-up ones, automated corporate letters addressed to customers, android and smartphones and so on.
The biggest challenge to business ethics today is going to be changing for the future. Even though society has changed from the past 30 years in a drastic way, I feel as though the people of this day and age do not wish to accept change and that as long as people can be comfortable in their life that they will see no reason for change.…...