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Business Feasibility Study of a Day Care Center

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Business Feasibility Study of A Home Day Care Center
Muhisani Kerr
OMM 614 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Josephine Carola
April 9th, 2012

Executive Summary
Kilo’s Loving Care is a venture that provides 24 hour home care services for children in DeKalb County. This facility provides child care services for up to 6 children from the age of 6 months to 12 years. The service also provides weekend and holiday care for parents who work non-traditional hours.
There are 73 child care centers in a 35 mile radius from my location. There are franchised child care centers, regular child care centers and other home based child care centers. Only 4 of them provide 24 hour service, 2 of them provide weekend service but none of them provide holiday service. For parents who work non-traditional hours and on holidays, they are forced to seek additional childcare just for the weekends and holidays in order to care for their children.
The market is not much competitive because not one of the 73 day cares provide holiday services. Due to the lack of time for themselves, daycare owners use holidays as a time to rest and bond with their own family members. This venture will ensure that their staffs receive constant training to remain up to date on the advances in child care whereby providing quality service.
The target market will be fulltime working parents, college students, part-time working parents or drop-ins. Fulltime working parents will account for nearly 80 percent of the venture’s revenue. This venture will require $2, 500 monthly to break-even. With the combination of a unique service, trained staff and safe environment Keka’a Loving Care will quickly progress within the child care industry.
The capital for this venture will be secured with the value of the home in which the services will be provided. With the capita being received;...

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