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Business for the Glory of God

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The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

Book Review

BUSI 301

In the book, “Business for the Glory of God”, the author, Wayne Grudem, states there are many aspects of business that a Christian can use to glorify God. The main aspects are Ownership, Productivity, Employment, Profit, Money and Borrowing and Lending. According to Grudem, all these things can bring glory to God in the way they reflect the nature that is God and His provision for man. God structured humans in such an intricate way to give them the ability to provide food, shelter and clothing for themselves and families. He also designed us to be a part of a community, one with an economic system for sustainability. The basis for all economic systems is free enterprise. The ability to govern one’s own business and to set forth the mandates therein is essential to the well being of any strong economy. In today’s marketplace, many consumers have become weary of businesses due to the high level of corruptness and the large amount of government interference. Grudem suggest that rather than business being viewed with inherently evil motives, consumers should understand that business activities are sometimes manipulated and used as a means to sin. In this book, he proposes that the practice and nature of business is a blessing given by God to mankind. The Introduction and fist chapter begin by acknowledging that many view business ownership as a means to procure money, and a lot of it. Rarely do people first come to the conclusion of “going into business” as a means to serve God. The book states “few people instinctively think of business as morally good in itself” (11). The book even goes as far as to state that some feel “all ownership of property as a kind of “greed” that is morally tainted” (19). In God’s model for conducting business, not once...

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Business for the Glory of God

...The book Business for the Glory of God is a great resource on business and each chapter starts with a phrase. The book has many opportunities for glorifying God but also many temptations to sin and what it can do to you and your business. The writer Grudem concisely lays out his reasons why business is good and very briefly raising some of the dangers of greed, envy and materialism. The weakest arguments by far are his argument that inequality of possessions is the way God intended things to be, that this is a good thing that gives glory to God. While extreme wealth and extreme poverty are both considered 'bad things' there's no way of drawing a line, no attempt at working out how some inequality is good but too much inequality is bad. Nor is there recognition that in the countries that have excelled in competition, profit making and generally getting rich is also the countries with the greatest inequality. So while it is good to be in business, and it is good to equip those who are called to business, this short book is unbalanced by taking complicated issues and making them black and white. For me is what the Bible is about taking a yes being a yes and a no meaning don’t do it, nor go there because he gives you all the reasons of what happens in evil deeds. Companies close, people go bankrupt and show on the news of people going to jail for fraud for being greedy. Hebrews 12:11 NIV No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces...

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...Business For The Glory of GOD Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? This is the main question we are looking at in reading the book this term. In my readings I have found some very interesting thoughts and questions about business, God and business in a Godly perspective. In each chapter of the book, Grudem explains to us that business is essentially a gift from God, therefore is good. In Business for the Glory of God, Grudem explores the following aspects of business activity: 1. Ownership 2. Productivity 3. Employment 4. Commercial Transactions (buying and selling) 5. Profit 6. Money 7. Inequality of Possessions 8. Competition 9. Borrowing and Lending 10. Attitudes of Heart 11. Effect on World Poverty One chapter in Business for the Glory of God talks about borrowing and lending. As some Christians refuse to accrue any debt, this chapter helps to give insight regarding the acceptance of certain debt. If one is purchasing a home, then signing a mortgage loan for 30 years is normal. The main objective in borrowing money or accruing debt is the intent to repay in the proper time line. Borrowing can be unwise. In cases where one borrows too much and cannot repay, this does go against the Bibles teachings. Proverbs 22:7 says, “the wicked borrows but does not pay back.” When used in a responsible manner lending and borrowing can bring much good to the economy. Grudem explains how the......

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