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The definitions below are to explain the research clearly: Mentor. These are individuals whom possess both experience and knowledge in the work place, and because of this, they are able to offer guidance to those who are starting in their company (The Pennsylvania State University, 2005) Protégée. The individual whom the mentor provide with guidance and support (Journal of Business and Psychology, 2001) Social Exchange Theory. Social theory that states that people continue or terminate relationships based on the weight of the benefits and costs of doing so ( Leadership. A relationship between leaders and followers, both individually and in group, in mutual pursuit of organizational outcomes and in the fulfillment of individual needs and wants (Mavrinac, 2005) Value. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something (
Methods and Procedures
The primary research was conducted by administrating an electronic survey to ten working people. The survey ranged from questions on their thought of mentorship in the work place to whether they had actually implemented it and if was proven successful. Secondary research was gathered electronically. Findings
Since its early history, mentorship in the workplace has proven to be successful in almost all instances when implemented correctly. Through mentorship, protégées are able to learn the both the values of the company and the skills of their job from experienced and knowledgeable employees. Mentorship is an efficient way to continue the success of the company without overusing company resources.
Learning the most powerful ally
Mavrinac states that “At its most basic, learning is change− a powerful notion in and of itself” (2005, p. 392). Learning provides continuous prosperity to a company, and company’s...

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