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Transcript of Trying to do business in Mexico, Gringo Style
1. What mistakes did Ted make in his management of SterMexicana?

2. Is Manuel responsible for any of the difficulties presented in the case?

3. What should Ted do now to correct the situation?
A short comparison between USA & Mexico culture
Comparison (cont)
1. What mistakes ?
- No adaptation to cultural differences.

Ted just applied US's business style in Mexico
For eg,.
+ Ted refused to recognize Manuel's name with title

+ Ted refused to join the city tour to know more about the local culture

+ No intention of ever wearing a tie the whole time in Mexico
--> too informal and relaxed to Mexican people

+ Too rushing and impatient in conducting business
1. What mistakes ? (cont)
- Giving too much managing power for Manuel
Ted turned over Manuel the day-to-day responsibility into running the plant

- Ted's new working hours plan was quite complex and didn't fit the worker's motives

- Ted didn't notice about the law differences between 2 countries.
3. What should do next? (cont)
- Create a another working plan which can achieve the goal and also more suitable
+ Observe and find out about the relationships among staffs and their ưworking motives
+ motive workers better

- Need to observe the work closer, do not leave Manuel with too much power and decisions

- Learn the language or have a trusted assistance.

2. Is Manuel responsible for any of the difficulties ?
* Not fulfill the role of a plant manager
+ Manuel made a delay on the opening day.
+ Not mention about law differences between 2 countries. law that workers are considered to be hired at will and subject to at-will termination.
+ Not fully transmit Ted's commands
For eg,.
--> Not explain clearly about extra-working hours plan
--> Not fire 5 targeted employees because they are relative
3. What should Ted do now to correct the situation?
- Learn, understand and adapt to Mexican business culture

- Pay attention to business cultural differences. Stop imposing the American working style on Mexican

For eg,.

* Mexican people prefer long-term business partnerships

* More patient with local people

* Formal dress

* Use a person's formal title when talk to them
* etc.

Mexico = extremely high power distance society:

- Using a person's formal title and last name when meeting that person

- Business people are expected to dress more conservatively, to be punctual for appointment, to make more formal presentations, and to value of a business card

- The nature of relationships between partners…...

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