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Richer Sounds
10-12 Small brook Queensway
Birmingham B5 4EN
0121 643 1516DE

2nd April 2010
Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Vacancy for: Personal assistant

After the review of your application, the Selection Committee are very interested in interviewing you for the position of Personal Assistant.I am please to inform you that you have been recommended as one of the successful candidates chosen for an interview for the position and we are looking forward to working with you and hope that your employment with the Richer sounds will be a fine experience.
I would be grateful if you could attend an interview:
On: 21st April 2010
At: 3:00 pm
At: Blue Coat CE Comprehensive School
LEA: Walsall
Telephone Number: 01922 720558
Fax Number: 01922 632326
Address: Birmingham Street

The interview will be with me and 4 others on the interview panel, the interview is scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes and it is recommended that you bring along the following documentation to the interview
I would be grateful if you could contact me on 0121 643 1516 to confirm that you will be attending the interview. We look forward to meeting you on 21st of April 2010. If you require any special arrangements to assist you at the interview, please let us know or if you have any additional queries or if I can be of further assistance do not hesitate to contact me.
We thank you for your interest in our firm and look forward to meeting with you.


k. Butau

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