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Business in Global Arena Exam

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Master of Business Administration

Paper Title: Business in Global Arena Final Examination

Presented by: Mohamed Mohamed Abd-ElMeguid

MBA#: Intake Number #58

Course Title: Business in Global Arena

Module: Core Courses

Instructor: Dr. Hein Roelfsema

Course Delivery Date: November 2010

Date of Submission: 14- November -2010

Table of Contents

Question 1: 3

Economic Profile and market seeking/resource seeking recommendations 3

Psychic distance that Egyptian expatriate managers are likely to face 5

Question 3: 6

Part 1: 6

Part 2: 6

Question 5: 8

Hypothesis 1: 8

Hypothesis 2: 8

Question 1:

Economic Profile and market seeking/resource seeking recommendations

|Indicator |Kenya |Tanzania |Uganda |
|GNI |$60.27 Billion |$52.05 Billion |$36.08 Billion |
|GNI per capita in PPP dollars |$1,550 |$1,260 |$1,140 |
|GDP |$1,600 |$1,400 |$1,200 |
|GDP Growth Rate |2.6% |6% |5.3% |
|HDI |0.470 |0.398 |0.422 |
|Inflation Rate |9.3% |21.4% |13.1% |
|Public Debt |66.7% of GDP |21.4% of GDP |19.7% of GDP...

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