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Business in Other Countries

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Business in other Countries
When working in the global commercial environment, you need to consider the cultural mandates of each country in which you do business, and you will also need to ensure you obey both local and international laws. Knowledge of the impact of cultural differences is one of the keys to international business success. Improving levels of cultural awareness can help companies build international competencies and enable individuals to become more globally sensitive to the social norms of different countries. Cultures vary widely from country to country, and what might seem polite in the United States can be rude and unprofessional in another location. In some countries, for example, in China you'll be expected to dress very formally and be highly direct. In others, however, small talk, getting to know your client and frequent informal business meetings are the norm. Doing business always involves meeting and greeting people. In China, meetings start with the shaking of hands and a slight nod of the head. Usually clients aren’t overly vigorous when shaking hands, the Chinese may interpret this as aggressive. The Chinese are not keen on physical contact, the only circumstance in which it may take place is when a host is guiding a guest. Even then contact will only be made by holding a cuff or sleeve. Also, it is not wise to slap, pat, or put your arm around someone's shoulders. The giving of gifts does not carry any negative connotations when doing business in China, business gifts are always reciprocated. Cross cultural understanding is an important tool for any international business person, company or organization to acquire when doing business abroad. Looking forward, doing business in China will gain more importance as its potential continues to…...

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