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Business Informatics

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|Diploma in IT | |
|Year 3 (2013/14) Semester 6 | |
| |2 hours |
|Introduction to Business Intelligence |


1. Define Business Intelligence & describe the architecture
2. Describe the Business Intelligence Process
3. Explain Business Intelligence architecture and implementation issues

Part 1: Review Questions

1. Define BI. Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of gathering information in the field of business. It can be described as the process of enhancing data into information and then into knowledge. Business Intelligence is carried out to gain sustainable competitive advantage, and is valuable core competence in some instances.

2. List and describe the major components of BI. 1) A data warehouse, with its source data 2) Business analytics, a collection of tools for manipulating, mining, and analyzing the data in the data warehouse; 3) Business Performance Management (BPM) for monitoring and analyzing performance 4) A user interface (e.g., dashboard)

Part 2: Discussion Questions (100 marks)

With reference to the Continental Airlines case study, answer the following questions…

1. Using the Business Pressures-Responses-Support model, describe… a. Key business environmental factors that were creating problems for Continental b.…...

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