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Business Information Technology

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Recognize the importance of computer literacy
Identify the various types of software
Define the term computer and identify its components
Describe the categories of computers
Explain why a computer is a powerful tool

Introduction to Computers

Determine how the elements of an information system interact

Recognize the purpose of a network
Discuss the uses of the Internet and the
World Wide Web

Identify the various types of computer users
Discuss computer applications in society

Recognize the difference between installing and running a program


A World of Computers

What Is a Computer?

What is computer literacy?

How is a computer defined?
Electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory

Knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses

The computer

Computers are everywhere

first, Accepts data such as raw facts, figures, and symbol then, Processes data into information (Data that is organized, meaningful, and useful ) finally, Produces and stores results



The Components of a Computer
What is the information processing cycle?

What is an _____ device? input Hardware used to enter data and instructions







The Components of a Computer

The Components of a Computer

What is an ______ device? output What is the system unit?

Hardware that conveys information to a user

Box-like case containing electronic components used to process data 7

The Components of a Computer

What is the magical inside the black box?

Memory card 8

What are two main components on the motherboard? Video

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Also called a processor
Carries out instructions that tell computer what to do


Temporary holding place for data and instructions



The Components of a Computer

Storage device

What is storage?...

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