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It can be said that , innovation step by step has bring the better life to people with convenience and useful . It is hard to define what is innovation ,Bessant and Todd [ p40,2011] has defined innovation as ‘’ a process of translating idea into useful – new products , processes or services ‘’ . With similar idea , Naylor[p212] stressed that , innovation is new idea which is developed to be new product or new process and it is recognized by customers .. If in the past , many business is recognized by their innovation as : Apple with smart phone , Microsoft with software , Henry Ford with car innovation etc. By the time with the staving of new idea , many business might be stuck in challenging market with many strong competitors. There is a debate about organization must innovate to be able survive and thrive , but in fact , many companies is still success without recognized of innovation . This essay will give a clear view about this argument with evidence to prove that any companies could be successful without innovation . Business can survive without innovation .
According to Burn- Callander[ 2015 ] , more than a minute , a new companies founded , and in 2015 ,Britain hit record number of startups with more than 600,000 newborn business . Imaging if every new company need an innovation to survive and thrive , so a year , there must be 600,000 new innovation , new product or new management theories .But Innovation is not a force to a company to survive , so many companies survives by copy and apply the suitable innovation . An famous example in technology market will support for that is the war of Apple and Samsung .In January 2007 , Steve Job introduced the first smart phone – Iphone 2G which a big innovation for mobile phone market[ telegraph , 2016] . From that time , a phone is only for call and text anymore , smartphone has been developing to…...

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