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Business Law & Ethics - River Pollution in Malaysia

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Define and discuss environmental issues and its’ challenges in Malaysia.
According to the statistic from the River Division of Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (Cho, 2006), there are a total of 189 rivers in Malaysia which cover 57,300 kilometres in length with 89 rivers in Peninsular Malaysia, 22 rivers in Sarawak, and 78 rivers in Sabah. River is important to our life because it could serve as the source of transportation, recreation, food, and income. In fact, rivers provide 97 % of all the water used in Malaysia.
However, some rivers have been identified as highly polluted and caused great negative impacts to human and livestock in the polluted areas. The reduction in river water quality is a clear indicator of the decline in the environmental health of a river basin too (Azwad, 2012). Since river pollution is highly concerned with our daily lives, I am motivated to look into the river pollution issues and its rehabilitation challenges in Malaysia.
River Pollution Statistical Background in Malaysia
River pollution is a serious problem in Malaysia and causes negative impacts on the sustainability of water resources. It reduces the total water availability considerably due to the high water treatment cost or the polluted waters are not treatable for consumption in some instances. Meanwhile, Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia had classified Juru River, Penang as the most polluted river in Malaysia (, 2011). It is shamed that the Juru River was also listed as the dirtiest river in South East Asia by World Health Organisation (WHO) in year 2006.
(DOE, 2010), (Azwad, 2012) and (Cho, 2006) have shown that industrial and business activities contributed to the river pollution problems in our country. According to (DOE, 2010), there are 18,956 water pollution point sources comprising mainly sewage treatment plants (9,060:...

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