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Overcoming Discrimination: The Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

I. The history of diversity programs A. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 1. History of how the EEOC was created. 2. How EEOC affects diversity and anti-discrimination today. B. Affirmative Action 1. History of affirmative action. 2. How affirmative action affects diversity today. II. Benefits of a diverse workforce A. How a diverse workplace is a more productive workplace. B. How creating a diverse workplace can improve the bottom line. III. Implementing diversity training A. The positive aspects of implementing diversity and sensitivity training. B. The negative aspects of not implementing diversity training.

IV. Diversity during the recession A. How the recession has impacted diversity programs. B. How the recession has impacted minorities.

In the years following the Civil Rights movement human resources personnel has had to alter from the old ways of recruitment and selection. This paper will show how government legislation and the evolving mindset in America have opened the doors to racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace and what impact it has had on the success of employees and companies and the strategies companies can use to promote and increase diversity. Before the Civil Rights movement, the majority of employed people in the United States were Caucasian and minority groups had a very difficult time obtaining lucrative employment because of racial...

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