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Business Law and Ethics Case Study on Diversity

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Case #1 Webb vs. City of Philadelphia
This case involves Kimberlie Webb and the City of Philadelphia (mainly the police department). The case was heard by the United States court of appeals, third circuit in 2009.

The suit was filed because Webb believed her religious rights were being decimated against. Webb is a Muslim woman who servers on the Philadelphia Police Department. Webb asked permission to wear a headdress that would not cover her face or ears due to her religious beliefs. She was disciplined for failing to comply with Police Department Directive 78 (which basically states that all officers must wear a certain uniform and dress in a certain way in order to appear uniform and unbiased).

The Philadelphia Police Department stated that in order to obtain their overall collectiveness could not allow Webb to wear her headdress because it would be obvious what her religious beliefs were and would allow citizens to see that the Police Department is impartial, meaning they could lose the trust and respect of the community.

The Judges in this case dismiss the case because for a group of people to be uniform (collectively similar) their cannot be any appearance of religion and that all those who serve must appear neutral to better server the community. Anything to separate identity could be costly when it comes to the overall good of protection.

The Judge(s) decide this because if it seems that the police department is partial then citizens may not or will not comply with the enforcement that the police are trying to achieve.

Is it ethical for the judge(s) to make this decision? In my opinion yes the judge(s) were correct in their ruling. I have always viewed the police department as an unbiased organization. Regardless of the sex or race of someone they uphold the law. I may feel intimidated by an officer who would be allowed to display their…...

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