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1. My major is business. I want to study this major because it is my dream when I was young. 2. Throughout college years, I hope to gain more knowledge in my major. Besides, I would like to get involve to activities that can help me build up the relationship between other students, faculties and me. That helps me in communicating. 3. I’m a sophomore, and I would like to transfer to the University of Washington to get a bachelor’s degree. 4. Attending college is a great chance for me to start pursuing my goals. I have known a lot of resources that are very helpful for my major. Besides, there are many staffs and instructors who are willing to help students, like myself 5. No words could describe my feeling at that moment I received the award letter. I was crying because it was my first achievement since I came to the US. My family is so proud of me…. 6. Growing up in hard conditions, and experiencing many challenges, I appreciate a chance to pursue a higher education. I believe it is the only way to achieve the successful future. Lynette Finau
My educational interest is Business Management and hope to be a business owner one day. Growing up in hard conditions in Vietnam with a small family business. This stems from my family business back home in Vietnam because funds were limited to us to expand. I am now in the right place here in American, here at South Seattle CC, having received this scholarship to help me through school to provide means and knowledge to run a business here in America with the free enterprise system.

Anticipation. Concern. Anxiety. Excitement. These are a few words that have described my senior year in looking forward to the college experience. Being a part of the first generation of my family to be born in America, everyone has always stressed the importance of college and getting a good...

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