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1. Contrast efficiency and effectiveness. Give an example of a time when an organization was effective but not efficient, efficient but not effective, both efficient and effective, and neither efficient not effective.
There are differences between efficiency and effectiveness. First efficiency means using the resources wisely and also in such a way that is cost effective, on the other hand, effectiveness is about making the right decision and also successfully implementing them. 2. What are the four basic activities that comprise the management process? How are they relates to each other?
The four basic activities that comprise the management process are; Planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling, All four activities are related to each other because in order to make each of them happen a previous activity has already develop or still in process. . 3. Briefly describe the ten managerial roles described by Henry Mintzberg. Give an example of each.
Figurehead: Perform social and legal duties, act as symbolic leader. Example; Greet visitors, sign legal documents, attend ribbon cutting ceremonies, host receptions.
Leader: Direct and motivate subordinates, select and train employees. Examples; Includes almost all interactions with subordinates
Liaison: Establish and maintain contacts within and outside the organization. Example; Business correspondence, participation in meetings with representatives of other divisions or organizations.

Monitor : Seek and acquire work-related information. Example; Scan/read trade press, periodicals, reports; attend seminars and training; maintain personal contacts
Disseminator : Communicate/ disseminate information to others within the organization
Example: Send memos and reports; inform staffers and subordinates of decisions
Spokesperson :…...

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