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Undercover Boss: 1800-I-GOT-JUNK

In this assignment once again, we had to analyze a video from the television show Undercover Boss. In which a person who has a high management position at a major Canadian business, decides to become undercover as an entry-level employee to discover the faults in his company. In this episode the founder and CEO Brian Scudamore of one of the largest junk removal companies goes undercover. It is a franchised residential and commercial junk removal company operating in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Brian wants to know if he had lost touch with the empire he created and found out what can he do to make things better to grow more quickly. He mentioned that his company is all about the growth. In North America alone there are 177 franchises and nowadays there is a lot of competition. The first day undercover Brian decided to explore his new business: 1888-WOW-1 Day! It’s a painting company that assures one day completion and high quality work. Brian expected to revolutionize the paint business like 1800-I-GOT-JUNK did for garbage. During this experience he met Darryl, the general manager. They went to a property and Darryl put Brian to prepare the walls before the painting began. There Brian had the opportunity to talk to the manager and realized he is a very optimistic man with good work ethics and attention to detail. Moreover, Darryl mentioned seeing opportunity to grow with the company. Regarding the job they worked in a tight schedule, Brian was working at a slow-paced while the rest of the team already finished the first coat. Darryl thought it was better to take him out of that job and went meet other customers. When they arrived at a new house, Darryl showed passion for what he does and reminded him that the company is all about the people. He...

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