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Business Meal Etiquette

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May 1, 2012
Business Dinner Etiquette Many people these days instead of just an interview for a position are being asked to join for business lunches or dinners. With what seems to be the age of the working lunch break, it seems very likely that a person will be asked to join at some point in their career. The only problem is that manner people do not know the proper etiquette for such occasions. Many believe it to be basically a free meal, and that is not the case. As someone who is asked to join in a business meal meeting, it is important to know that you are still being interviewed. It is almost the same as a traditional job interview in an office setting. The main difference is that the employers are really trying to see how a potential employee handles themselves in a social environment. Part of most positions these days will require someone from one company to ‘take care of’ a potential client. When this happens the employer would like to send someone on these types of meetings that can interact socially and appear that the company knows how to conduct itself professionally. As a person joining a business meal there are certain ways to behave. First of all dress appropriately. Do not show up at a fine dining establishment in casual dress. This looks bad on you and you may find out many places like this have dress codes. It would be embarrassing to show up for a meeting and have to leave because your attire is not suitable. Do not drink unless the other person is having a drink. Never too much but a glass of wine with your meal will be acceptable. Know what utensils to use for the appropriate course in the meal. Always excuse yourself when exiting from the table. Do not eat and talk at the same time. Most importantly keep the conversation kind of casual until towards the end of the entrée. This is a good time to begin discussing major points or the reason for the meeting. As a person hosting a business meal there are also behaviors that must be followed. They are identical to the way you would act as a guest, but with some more additional rules. Allow the guest to order first and order similar to what they have. If they order a cob salad, then you order a salad or small sandwich, something that will not keep them waiting as you are trying to finish a meal. When discussing the business part of the meal, keep the guest engaged. Do not let them just sit back and listen because many people become tired and unfocused after a meal. Arrange for the waiter to bring the check directly to you or run a credit card before the meal so a check does not have to be brought out. This could help to avoid any awkward situations such as a declined credit card. Whether joining or hosting a business meal remember to behave appropriately. Aside from these few additions, it is just like any other dinner. Mostly just behave the way that most all children were brought up. Mind your manners and all should go smoothly. Hosting these functions properly could ensure you a long successful career with your company.

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