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Business model as a creative entrepreneurs, business ideas come from the rich opportunities and logical, and could eventually evolved into a business model. The formation of the logic is: opportunity is passing through the creative resources portfolio clear the possibility of market demand (schumpeter, 1934; Kirzner, 1973), market demand is not clear or not by use of the resources or capabilities. Although it first appeared in the 50 s, but it was not until the 90 s began to be widely used and spread, has been hanging in the mouth of the entrepreneur and venture investors a noun.

Have a good Business Model, guarantee have half the success. Business model is the company through what way or ways to make money. In short, the beverage company to make money by selling drinks; Express company to make money by delivery; Internet companies through the click rate to make money; Communications companies by receiving spending money; The supermarket through the platform and storage to make money, and so on. As long as there is place of making money, there is a business model.

Along with the market demand is becoming more and more clear and increasing resources accurate definition, an opportunity to beyond its basic form, gradually evolved into the creative concept (commercial), including how to meet the market demand or core resource allocation plan.

With their own ascension of the concept of business, it is more complex, including the product/service concept, the market concept, supply chain/marketing/operations concept (cardozo (1996), and the accurate and differentiation of creative concept (commercial) gradually mature eventually evolved into the perfect business model, to form a combined market demand and resource system.

Business model is a kind of contains a series of elements and their relations of conceptual tools, to clarify the business logic of a particular...

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