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Week 4 Announcement: June 19-29

Hi everyone,
Congratulations to all of you for reaching the final week of this course. It all goes by so quickly. Below I describe all of the work you’ll need to complete during this final week.


• Complete your research. By now, all of you should have finished all research for the upcoming Recommendation Report. If you haven’t done so, be sure to finish it on Sunday in order to leave at least two days to write the report.

• Write the first draft of the Recommendation Report. Please do NOT begin writing this report on Tuesday – give yourself at least two days to work on the writing of this lengthy report. I suggest that you keep the assignment in front of you, and do feel free to take a peek, as useful, at the model Recommendation Reports that I posted in Content, Week 4. Seeing the models will give you a good idea about the organization, design, format, visuals, and length that work well for this assignment. Be careful, though, not to copy the style of writing from the samples – instead, use your own natural business writing style for this assignment. Also, keep in mind that the models don’t always adhere to my assignment criteria, so if you ever see that the models are not following the assignment requirements, follow the assignment and ignore the models.

• Post a single file containing your first draft of the Recommendation Report in the dropbox by midnight, Tuesday, June 21. No extensions are possible for this first draft. Note that if I notice anyone submitting more than one file for this assignment, I’ll notify that student very quickly and I won’t evaluate that person’s work until I receive their entire first draft in just one file.

Cautions: ▪ I can’t give any extensions on the first draft of this assignment, so you will have to post on Tuesday night whatever you’ve been able to finish so far. If you haven’t written much by that point, you’ll receive feedback only on what you’ve written so far and you’ll miss receiving feedback on the parts you haven’t yet written, which will disadvantage you in terms of your final grade on this assignment. ▪ If you choose not to submit a first draft by the June 21 deadline, I will need to deduct the grade of your final draft (by a full grade, for example, from a “B” to a “C”) to reflect your decision not to write the required first draft of the assignment on time. For this reason, it is in your best interest to submit on June 21 whatever you’ve written so far, whether it be the complete first draft, most of the first draft, or even the Cover Page only.


• Choose one of the following early assignments to revise a final time for a possible higher grade: Informative Memo, Letters of Complaint and Resolution, or Ethics Packet. Please post your revision of the chosen early assignment in the dropbox called “Optional Revision of an Early Assignment” no later than midnight, Thursday, June 23.

Note that it’s optional to do this revision – for example, if you have an A-level grade point average in assignments so far, doing a revision probably would not make a difference in your final grade in the course. For everyone else, doing the revision could elevate your final course grade and I strongly urge you to do the revision during these two days.


• Revise your Recommendation Report. Take some time to decide how you will revise your first draft based on my feedback. Then begin working on the revision on Friday because most students do benefit from taking two days, not just one day, to work on improving this report. Note that if I fall behind and return my feedback to you after Friday, I’ll work with you to establish a new deadline for the final draft. • Post the final draft of your Recommendation Report to the dropbox by the final deadline of midnight, Saturday, June 26. If you must take an extra day, I’ll also accept your final draft by midnight at the end of Sunday, June 27. My grades are due by late Monday, so I absolutely can’t accept assignments past Sunday, June 27. If you submit the final draft after Sunday, I will not be able to accept it or to grade it.

If you need to be away that entire weekend, plan to submit your final draft before you leave.


My goal is to finish grading all of your work, and to post final grades for this course, no later than Monday, June 27. That is the grading deadline for instructors of first summer session courses.

As soon as I complete grading all student work, I’ll compute each student’s final grade in the course and will post that to PAWS. During the few days after that, I’ll email each student in the class a full listing of that person’s grades on all course projects, and that person’s final grade point average and final grade in the course. Most likely, I’ll write and send these emails by June 29.

I have really enjoyed teaching this group of students. I admire and respect each one of you for all of your hard work and great accomplishments during this brief and intense online course.

You were all great. Good luck with the final week of this course, please keep in touch, and I hope you’ll have the chance to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer! Rachel

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