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1.0 Executive Summary
AAA Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation company. Non-emergency medical transportation businesses transport individuals, generally the elderly and disabled, who are not in an emergency situation but need more assistance than a taxi service provides. It has been delivering services for people with needs for over 15 year. For years the company’s main income came from transporting aged and disabled, where the main insurance was Medicaid. As the times are changing now, when more and more insurance providers and private management companies to perform non policy NEMT functions for services, Volga had to start winning its share in ever competitive New York Market. Taking into consideration that NEMT companies are prohibited from soliciting customers, AAA Transportation as a service provider has to increase the number of its wheelchair equipped vehicles, add vehicles with stretcher and add sedan’s to already existing fleet of 15. With the help of it marketing plan it intends to contract with various Long Term insurance companies who provide not only long term insurance help but offer transportation services. To get contracts with those companies we would have to prove that we excel in our services and provide our customers with timely and professional services. We also plan to expand geographically , where the services were only provided in one of New York Boroughs, we plan to expand to rest of the five boroughs of NYC. A sound marketing plan and a strong management team will be put in action to utilize every opportunity to convince the potential medical facilities, local retirement and assisted living facilities, and insurance companies about the benefits of using AAA Transportation. Subsequently, all AAA Transportation personnel will have to undergo customer relation classes which will assist employees in dealing with not only...

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