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Business Plan - Innovation and Intreperneuship

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Sweet Moment: Business Description
Australian gourmet desserts and sweets are becoming increasingly expensive despite the relatively low ingredient costs. On average, cupcakes cost $3.50-$4, and brownie and cake slices are over $4. Moreover, these desserts reflect western values and tastes. For a country as culturally diverse as Australia, there should be a cheaper, multicultural alternative.
We create gourmet, hand-made Brazilian desserts called brigadeiros for both an individual treat and as a gift. A traditional treat from Brazil, our brigadeiros are confections primarily comprised of condensed milk, organic cocoa powder, and unsalted butter. They have very low ingredient costs and are distinctive enough to break through the Australian ‘cupcake’ consciousness, thus allowing us to sell a cheaper and more unique product to the Australian market.
Assessment of Market Size
Target Market
Sweet Moment’s primary target market is university students, as generally they are more open to new and innovative ideas. There are over 400,000 university students in Sydney alone, and more than one million university students Australia-wide. In 2013 there were 17,554 Brazilian international students, the large majority of whom would already have knowledge of the sweet. Therefore they will be more inclined to buy it and, through a referral program, can introduce it to friends who are not familiar with the brigadeiros yet.
To stimulate growth in the number of franchises, and in order to give visibility to the business, we do not need a large initial investment. One of the prerequisites to apply for a franchise would be having a Brazilian in the team, so s/he could ensure the permanence of the production model and the quality present in the product. As our group has four Brazilians, we have the capacity to train new franchise owners. Joy, as a local...

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