Business Plan of Vegetable Juices

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Sehrish Inayat (090016)
Sarah Masood (090014)
Fatima-Tu-Zahara (090028)
Tahir Ayub (090006)

Juices consumption is high because of increased awareness of health consciousness among people. The competitive analysis identified that competition within the industry is high as the industry has some humongous names in it i.e. nestle, shezan, fresher etc. The application of Porter’s five forces to the Pakistani juice industry provides us a view of the potential attractiveness in terms of profitability of the industry. By doing PEST analysis we have learnt that although the political situation of the country is not satisfactory but the GDP and per capita income has increased and raised demand of FMCG’s. The awareness about health consciousness has increased a lot and people are accepting vegetable juices as a regular and healthy drink. SWOT analysis reflected that the industry is full of opportunities. In the end, the strategies for launching vegetable juices are quite similar which were used while launching fresher. The vegetable juices will initially be launched only in flavors that are commonly accepted by the public i.e. Celery, Spinach, Kale, Collard, Greens, Lettuce, Carrots, pumpkin, Cucumber and Mixed vegetable etc. We are delivering juices to our customer in different sizes, 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml. Penetration pricing strategy will be used with different pricing methods. Competition base pricing strategy will be applied on 250ml for the other available packages choices cost plus strategy will be used to get hold of the marketplace. The competitive advantage we have no existence of such product in industry…...