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Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Tel. No: +884204201-9
Fax: 8829882948-51


Surajit datta Nirupom chakrabarty
BBA, MBA, PHD in Marketing BBA, MBA; PHD in EEE
Cambridge University. Harbart University.
Founder and CEO of (VI) co-founder and CEO of VI
11-Lamabazar, Sylhet, Bangladesh 36-Medical, Sylhet
3100. Bangladesh 3100
Tel. No:01711012577 Tel. No: E-Mail:
Fax: 8829882950 Fax: 8829882951


1. Executive Summary 03
2. Background & Purpose 05
2.1. History 05
2.2. Current Situation 06
2.3. The resource based concept 06
3. Objectives 07
4. Market analysis 07
4.1. Overall Market 07
4.2. Specific Market 07
4.3. Competitive factors 08
4.4. Micro environmental Influence 08
5. Development and Production 09
5.1. Production Processes 09
5.2. Resource requirements 10
5.3. Quality assurance 10
6. Marketing 10
6.1 Overall Concept and Orientation 10
6.2. Marketing Strategy 11
6.2.1 Key element of the strategy 11
6.3. Sales Forecast 12
7. Financial Plan 13
7.1. Financial statements 13
7.2. Financial resources 16
7.3. Financial Strategy 16
8. Organization and Management 17
8.1. Key Personnel resources 17
8.2. HRM strategy 18
9. Ownership 18
9.1. Form of business 18
9.2. Equity Positions 19
9.3. Deal Structure 19
10. Critical risks and contingencies 19
11. Concluding Sections 20
11.1. Summary and conclusion 20
11.2. Scheduling and milestone 20
12. Appendix 21


Vision inc. (VI) is the largest online educational provider. Its rich market niche, characterized by corporate clients with large budgets, significant training needs and receptiveness to new technology, Academic institutions, Multilevel Network
VI delivers its unique BBA and LLB degree via Internet-based courses on CEGA University™, its full-service, centrally hosted, scalable remote proprietary virtual campus.
Founder’s themselves collectively have over 54 years experience in creating courses and books for the two courses.
Modern technology has made possible to gather and present this information economically and efficiently and VI is leading the effort to marry technology and information dissemination through three strategic technology alliances which allow to register, enroll, teach, test, grade and certify distance learners in a Seamless fashion.
VI is focusing its resources in the BBA and LLB e-learning business. E-learning is in fact the fastest growing and most promising market in the education industry. By continuously developing and expanding its courses database, VI is relentlessly streamlining the process of delivering content and widening the range and variety of its e-learning educational products, VI intends to maintain and strengthen its leadership position in this lucrative market niche while creating significant B2B and e-commerce opportunities.
Exploiting the latter to their fullest potential is a natural evolution for VI: “E-Train-the Trainer” revenues, portal development revenues, e-mail marketing fees, DVDs & video, magazines, newsletters, will provide a significant complementary revenue stream for the company that will increase market share, promote name recognition, and maximize efficiency.
The company is led by Surajit data , Najia sharmin, Nirupom Chakrabarty, Mahin ahmed Chowdhury, and Abu saleh Md. Maidul Islam where Surajit Datta has 10 years of experience of teaching in Cambridge University and has an MBA.The rest of the members have the experience in sales, marketing, finance and operations.

Vision inc. always tries to give the new thing to people which will be acceptable by everyone. For attracting the customers the site will be updated regularly which is a big challenge to stay in the competitive market place.
Start up and operating expenses including $1.5 million for sales and marketing and $1.5 million for the purchase of computers.
If complex combinations of investment instruments are being use to raise money the deal structure might be:

Bank loan $5000000 Subordinated debenture $2000000 Preferred stock $5500000 Common stock $3600000 Total $16100000

2. Background and purpose:

The company will provide the internet based education to all over the world with the courses of BBA and LLB.

2.1 History:

VI offers BBA and LLB online courses in its full-service, centrally hosted, scalable, remote proprietary virtual campus. It generates e-learning tuition revenues, content licensing, email marketing, e-commerce, valuation for investors and profits. It is the largest online educational provider on complementary BBA and LLB content.

VI offers BBA and LLB online courses in its full-service, centrally hosted, scalable, remote proprietary virtual campus. It is the largest online educational provider on BBA and LLB content.
VI has a total of 33 million shares outstanding. Its ownership structure is as follows:
- 70% Founder 15.4 million shares
- 30% 918 Current Shareholders 17.0 million shares

The company, currently traded as WA Online, Inc. on the Pink Sheets, has 918 shareholders owning publicly traded stock. Prior to completion of this venture round, the following events will take place:

- The Founder will retire all publicly traded stock and take the company private
- Bylaws will be amended to increase the number of shares to 40, and the shareholder Composition will be the following:
- Founder: 20 million shares
- Japanese VCs 4 million shares
- Total 24 million shares

Of the remaining shares, 6 million will be used for this offering; the 2° round offering and employees stock options, while 10 million will be reserved for a future IPO.

2.2 Current situation:

VI inc. will provide online education to those people who are unable to go to the university or college or not enough time to go there. To serve these people VI has come to give a new type of education with least costly. For the first three years the company will offer two courses. Later it may increase its course numbers.

2.3 The resource based concept:

VI develops, manages and hosts Internet-based training and education for corporations, government agencies and academic institutions. The Company offers its online courseware primarily through its proprietary virtual campus product, or CEGA University™, a full-service, centrally hosted, scalable distance education platform. It allows for the registration, enrollment, teaching, testing, grading and certification of distance learners.
CEGA University is accessible by virtually any Internet-ready PC. Enrolled students can access the courseware online, typically via a PC connected to the Internet or a corporate intranet. Once a student has completed a course, he or she receives credit or certification, as appropriate.

The CEGA courseware platform allows offering private label and customizable training courses for Multi-Level-Marketing (“MLM”) Trainers as well.
Through its high technology the Company also offers courseware through more traditional media, including on-site and classroom training, diskette, CD-ROM and printed formats.

3. Objectives:

E-learning courses tuition revenues: $36 million in 2005, $60 million in 2006, and $105million in 2007, corresponding, respectively, to an average of 6000, 10,000, 17,000 clients paying at least $ 500 dollars per month for 12 months.
Valuation, as measured in ability to bring in additional investment at economically feasible valuations. VI needs to attract $3 million immediately and an additional $3 million in a follow-up second round in 2005, with valuation performance that yields attractive internal rate of return (IRR) to investors. The financial section indicates IRR of more than 150%.
Acquisition or Initial public offering (IPO) in 2007, with a valuation of about $35million. This assumes of course the market valuations based on VI’s sales and earnings, which have been kept purposely conservative as this plan is written.

4. Market analysis:

4.1 Overall Market:

The company is getting its profits from the first year because of its system and the experienced people who have contributed a lot to make it easy. VI is providing educations to the students by using English, French and Arabic language. There are many competitors exists in the market. Some of them are Deny Inc, Titi Inc, Sata Inc etc.They have succeeded in their field because of their huge investment and strategies.

4.2 Specific market:

The customers of the company are those who have not enough money to take admission in a university but have sufficient education ability. The company is providing the courses which are the best of all in online education because of its experienced teachers.

4.3 Competitive factors:

The e-learning market is evolving quickly and is subject to rapid technological change, shifts in customer demands and evolving learning methodologies. To succeed, VI must retain its competitive and leadership edge in the BBA and LLB content market niche, continue to expand its course offerings, upgrade its technology and distinguish its solutions.
In both the business and law areas there are many suppliers of online information, including major players like Webbed, Droopy, Mindscape, GNC,, I Village, etc. Many can be considered as potential strategic allies for VI’s content. AOL, for instance, has VI exclusive space on Instant Messenger, new member welcome message and search position. AOL is also inquiring about having WA as a content provider. AltaVista and Web Help are also interested.

None of the current competitors are capable of combining VI’s content with technology to create compelling e-learning courseware in under two weeks.

The e-learning market will undergo significant price competition. In VI’s market niche, however, given also the leadership position that it enjoys, price competition is expected to be less aggressive.

The general e-learning market is highly fragmented with no single competitor accounting for a dominant market share, and competition is intense.

4.4 Micro environmental influences:

VI hosts the e-learning environments of its customers. By centralizing all infrastructure and hosting requirements, its customers derive significant benefits, such as the avoidance of hardware, software, content and technology installation and/or updates, and 24/7 access from anywhere there is a PC and an Internet connection.
VI must be able to acquire and retain corporate customers by providing e-learning solutions designed to address their strategic business training objectives, while significantly reducing their learning infrastructure costs.

The sales process must be easy to administer and flexible enough to accommodate the needs of VI to keep a very lean organization. The e-learning courses offered on its CEGA University‘s virtual campus should further establish VI presence as an e-learning technology leader in its market niche, not only retaining customers but actually bringing in new customers.

VI’s system has been designed to scale rapidly and to consistently deliver content to large numbers of participants. It uses extensive load testing to measure system capacity and identify potential bottlenecks. Constant improvements to the system architecture ensure increased system capacity well beyond current demand.

VI’s e-learning solutions can be fully integrated with customers' corporate information technology systems, including their Web sites and intranets. As a result, course participants do not necessarily realize that they are accessing content hosted from VI’s servers. Integration layer provides adapters for learning Management systems. Course content is designed to be compatible with customer's security concerns and bandwidth limitations.

5. Development and production:

5.1 Production processes:

VI hosts and makes available to customers proprietary and third-party collaboration tools, which currently include instant messaging software, e-mail solutions, chat rooms and discussion boards. These collaboration tools are designed to create a learning environment that fosters collaboration between peers and a high degree of interaction between participants and tutors.
The system offers comprehensive testing and assessment capabilities, which can be customized for specific learning solutions and customers. Assessment and testing capabilities include the full range of testing techniques (multiple choice, multiple answer quizzes with randomized question sets, tutor-scored and commented exercises, etc.).

5.2 Resource requirements:

The main resources of vision inc.s’ are its teacher whose give valuable lecture to the students in online. These teachers are hired from different renound university from all over the world and they have the potential to satisfy the students. The students can also ask questions to the teachers through e-mail or by using contact numbers.

5.3 Quality assurance:

Earning money is not the only target of vision Inc. It is also working to give the people something which will be valuable for them in the future life. For this reason VI always try to ensure the quality of the education, it means the ability of its teachers, the teaching method, the Availability of books etc. and this is why the company’s main theme is “broaden your vision”.

6. Marketing:

6.1 Overall concept and orientation:

VI develops, manages and hosts Internet-based training and education for corporations, government agencies and academic institutions. The Company offers its online courseware primarily through its proprietary virtual campus product, or CEGA University™, a full-service, centrally hosted, scalable distance education platform. It allows for the registration, enrollment, teaching, testing, grading and certification of distance learners.

VI’s technology allows increasing the efficiency and scalability of tutoring resources. The ability of tutors worldwide to interact with participants through standard Internet communication methodologies significantly increases the pool of tutor candidates that can be recruited. In addition multiple tutors will be allowed to support the same course as grading and exercise submissions can be accessed and responded to by any tutor.

Duplication of tutor work is prevented by message queuing technology. VI’s strategy for future development is to remain positioned with enough flexibility to quickly adapt to new technologies and courseware needs. BBA and LLB content courseware will be constantly adapted to changing environments within what is believed to be a positive market trend for VI’s products.

6.2 Marketing strategy:

Our objective is to be the leading provider of BBA and LLB content e-learning and e-training solutions to corporations, government agencies and academic institutions.
First class web site design and product quality are critical to VI’s positioning as a leading e-learning company. VI will distinguish itself from its generic competitors as a full learning & training center, rather than a traditional informational web site. Further development needs to match the overall business strategy as explained in the rest of the plan. Because VI's target customers are all corporate, it will have the luxury of using the latest technologies to impress them with excellent design and animation. The back-end of the site will be built on latest server technology backed with bandwidth and organized around IS’ technology. IS specializes in Web-to-Enterprise integration, industry-specific solutions, and strategic outsourcing. The courseware platform will be provided by, an industry leader in web-based distance learning offering a world-class, fully-integrated web platform. The replicating site and hosting partnerships will be provided by, a company offering a robust content management system, complete E-commerce store front with instant order processing, events calendar, customer support and much more.

6.2.1. Key elements of the strategy include:

- Streamline delivery and facilitate data mining VI, in partnership with its strategic partners intends to continually streamline content delivery and integration of the technology platform with those of its customers to

facilitate their ability to gather metrics on e-learning performance (sales per employee, customer satisfaction and manager evaluations).
- Boost & adapt courses menu
Continuously update the courses offerings to satisfy clients changing needs
- Develop long-term strategic relationships with customers.
E-learning will become increasingly critical to a business' ability to compete successfully. Thus as a provider, VI is a strategic resource for customers and will capitalize on this to develop products aligned with customers’ needs.
- Exploit strategic relationships to create new distribution channels.
The great flexibility of VI’s content and technology will allow it to quickly generate new products as new market opportunities surface as result of strategic relationships with customers, who are much more attuned to market needs.

6.3 Sales forecast:

The sales forecast in the following table is based on conservative estimates on the number of courses that can be sold. Sales are projected to rise from $36 million in 2002 to $60million in 2003 and $105 million in 2004. The forecast obviously depends on healthy monthly growth rates in the average number of courses sold.

| Sales Summary ( $ x000) |Year 1 |Year 2 |Year 3 |
|Average No. of Courses Sold |6,000 |10,000 |17,000 |
|Growth rate: | |181% |181% |
|E-learning courses tuition revenues |29,845 |52,642 |95,317 |
|Additional revenues | | | |
|E-Train-the Trainer Revenues |2,089 |2,632 |3,813 |
|Portal Development Revenues |1,791 |2,106 |2,859 |
|Email marketing fees |1,194 |1,579 |1,906 |
|Product sales revenues |895 |1,053 |953 |
|Total Sales |35,814 |60,012 |104,848 |
| | | | |
|Cost of Sales |21,488 |30,006 |41,939 |
| |60% |50% |40% |
|Gross Profit |14,325 |30,006 |62,909 |

7. Financial plans:

7.1 Financial statements:
VI believes that it can turn a profit by Year 1 as it is shown in the financial pro-forma summary. The complete pro-formas can be found in the tables appended in Volume 2 of this plan

|Table A: Summary Pro-forma Financial |Year1 |Year2 |Year3 |
|Statements | | | |
| ($ x000) | | | |
|Budget | | | |
|Human Resources Count (Year-End) |6 |7 |9 |
|Capital Expenditures |1,110 |1,492 |2,424 |
|Human Resources |925 |1,045 |1,152 |
|Research & Development |300 |600 |960 |
|Sales & marketing |1,600 |1,080 |1,860 |
|General & Adm |512 |631 |765 |
|Total Budget |6,547 |12,848 |19,161 |
| | | | |
|Profit & Loss | | | |
|Total Sales |35,814 |60,012 |104,848 |
|Cost of Sales |21,488 |30,006 |41,939 |
|Total Operating Expenses |3,754 |3,774 |5,155 |
|Net Income After Taxes |6,452 |16,097 |35,597 |
| | | | |
|Cash-Flow | | | |
|Cash-In Details | | | |
|Sale of Stock |3,000 |- |- |
|Gross Profit from Sales |14,325 |30,006 |62,909 |
|Interest Income |182 |595 |1,574 |
|Total Cash In |17,507 |30,601 |64,483 |
| | | | |
|Cash-Out Details | | | |
|Capital Expenditures |1,110 |1,492 |2,424 |
|Participations |2,100 |8,000 |12,000 |
|Human Resources |925 |1,045 |1,152 |
|Research & Development |300 |600 |960 |
|Sales & marketing |1,600 |1,080 |1,860 |
|General & Adm |512 |631 |765 |
|Taxes on Income |4,301 |10,731 |23,731 |
|Payables(-) |- |- |- |
| |212 |328 |493 |
|Net VAT Payments |- |- |- |
| |2,013 |4,572 |4,557 |
|Balance at Year end |8,623 |18,679 |37,842 |
| | | | |
|Balance Sheet | | | |
|Assets | | | |
|Current |6,881 |20,695 |49,471 |
|Assets |692 |1,766 |3,773 |
|Total Assets |7,573 |15,876 |39,706 |
| | | | |
|Liabilities & Shareholder Equity | | | |
|Current |221 |428 |640 |
|Stockholders Equity |3,000 |3,000 |3,000 |
|Retained Earnings |4,352 |12,448 |36,066 |
|Liabilities Plus Equity |7,573 |15,876 |39,706 |

7.2 financial resources:

Here the company’s first year’s budget summary has been given.

First Year Budget Summary

- Capital Expenditures 1,110
- Participations 2,100
- Human Resources 925
- Research & Development 300
- Sales & marketing 1,600
- General & Adm 512
- Total Budget 6,547
Our first year’s budget comes to $6.5 million because of our commitment to dominate our market niche.
Of the $6.5 million, $2.1 million are earmarked for an acquisition. This is an extraordinary item that may or may not occur, and hence can be delayed or cancelled.

7.3 financial strategy:

This is an Internet and e-learning venture that, of course, depends on the developing financial prospects of the growing Internet & e-learning world. To make it work financially, VI need to increase valuation on schedule to bring in substantial additional capital. The tables that follow define the investment offering for investors. Specifically the plan envisions

- A pre-money valuation of $35 million, with IRR of about 180% for all investors of this round
- The exit strategy is an IPO at the of 2004, valuing the company at $356 million or $524 million, if valuation is based a very conservative earnings or sales multiples of, respectively 10 and 2.

8. Organization and management

8.1 Key personnel resources:

Surajit Datta is Developer Founder and CEO of VI, and also the main VC fundraiser for the $4 Million Seed Capital that was used to develop the original WA website. Mr. S.Chakrabarty is a passionate activist, a scholar, and a visionary entrepreneur. He has been labeled a walking encyclopedia. He has worked for the company a lot and also continuing it. The company had been able to get the profit from the very first year because of his activity and intelligence.
Mr. Nirupom chakrabarty is co-founder of Learning Systems, Inc. He brings 14 years of experience as CEO of I systems, and holds MBA and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Nirupom chakrabarty brings the new idea and educational expertise needed to successfully manage’s growth, blending the old economy model of “net-earnings” vs. “eyeballs” and the new economy of e-commerce based expansion into global markets.
Mr. Surajit Datta and Mr Nirupom chakrabarty have been business partners or affiliates since2004, and both bring complementary strengths to the organization. Mr. Surajit Datta provides the entrepreneurial spirit and Nirupom chakrabarty executes the vision on a day to day basis.
VI will strive to secure seasoned professional management with experience, the "gray haired factor. “The company will be looking to add more experience to the team as it builds its administrative and financial capabilities.

8.2 Human resource management strategy:

Vision inc. will be run by the current employees. Each of them as having developed skills in specific areas that will help the company reaches a cruise speed. As a result, no tremendous financial resources should be involved in the human resources field because the company intends to remain closely supervised for the first couple of tears. The following personnel plan details VI’s plans for the ramp-up
Human Resources Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3
CEO- 1 1 1
President- Xxxxxx 1 1 1
Executive VP/COO - 1 1 1
COO - Dr Yyyyyy 1 1 1
CAO- 1 1 1
Office Staff 1 2 4
Total Headcount 6 7 9
Total HR costs 790 897 989
Scientific Advisory Board 75 83 45
Non-Executive Directors 60 66 36
Total HR costs 925 1,045 1,071

9. Ownership:

9.1 Form of business:

The business is a limited liability partnership. As such, each partner is liable only for the amount of his/her personal investment in Vision Inc. No other legal liability exists. The actual partnership agreements contain no special conditions or clauses.

9.2 Equity positions:

Owner’s equity positions

|Partner Investment |

S.Chakrabarty $100000
A.Chowdhury $700000
Bank Asia $100000
Total owner’s equity $900000

9.3 Deal structure:

Vision inc. start its business with the amount of $3000000 and grow at the rapid rate necessary for the organization to achieve its potential .the deal structure has been negotiated with the investor.

10. Critical risks and contingencies:

We feel that our company will be a success. As a venture, certain risks exist. • No product/service currently exists; so we are updating our courses and features. • VI must be able to acquire and retain corporate customers by providing e-learning solutions designed to address their strategic business training objectives, while significantly reducing their learning infrastructure costs.

• The online e-learning tools must be easy to use and fully interactive. User satisfaction and measurable results are ultimate priorities.

• VI will succeed if it can capitalize on its leadership position in BBA and LLB content know-how, turning it into e-learning courses and dollars through CEGA University virtual campus.

• The sales process must be easy to administer and flexible enough to accommodate the needs of VI to keep a very lean organization. The e-learning courses offered on its CEGA University‘s virtual campus should further establish. VI presence as an e-learning technology leader in its market niche, not only retaining customers but actually bringing in new customers.

11. Concluding sections:

11.1 summary and conclusions:

The plan of the firm indicates that how to improve the firms total revenue and to indicate that the strategy which will influence the firms total profit. Our main objective is not only to making the profit but also giving people something very special.

11.2 Scheduling and milestones:

For improving the condition of the business and also adjust with the current market situation which will take some necessary steps in the future .They includes:

• Give the service of new online education courses. • Research will be undertaken to know the customers needs. • Improving the technological conditions. • Hiring new teachers from different parts of the world. • The courses will be designed in a new way.

12. Appendixes:

| |
|Budget Assumptions |
| |
|All areas of budget VAT & Retained taxation : 10% |
|Material Assets |
|Leasehold Improvements The improvements to be done i to adapt it to company's |
|requirement |
|Immaterial |
|Web Site & Corp. Image, Media |
|Package Costs relate to the creation of a website, |
|logo, brochure, presentation materials. |
|Own Intellectual Property |
|Includes costs of preparing, national & |
|international filing |
|Corporate Software Accounting, management and |
|Software, purchases/leases. |
| |
|Human Resources |
|Board of Directors non-executive Assumes that only non- |
|executive officers will receive Board |
|Compensation |
|Scientific Advisory Board Assumes that Board of Directors and |
|SAB Membership compensation |
|can't be cumulated. |
|Salaries Assume that salaries cost will equal |
|67% of all HR costs, with |
|balance distributed among social, leaving indemnities and other costs. |
| |
|Profit & Loss |
| |
|Sales The plan assumes a 5% monthly growth in number of courses sold |
|Throughout the period. |
|No. Of Starting Courses sold |
|per month |
|3,750 |
|Monthly growth rate: 105% |
| |
|Ave/Person |
| |
|E-learning courses tuition |
|revenues |
|$500.00 |
|Additional revenues In aggregate 20% of E-learning tuition revenues in Yr 1, 15% in Yr 2 |
|And 10% in Yr 3. |
|E-Train-the Trainer Revenues Assumed to be 7% of E-learning tuition revenues in Yr 1, 5% in Yr 2 |
|And 4% in Yr 3. |
|Portal Development Revenues Assumed to be 6% of E-learning tuition revenues in Yr 1, 4% in Yr 2 |
|and 3% in Yr 3. |
|Email marketing fees Assumed to be 4% of E-learning tuition revenues in Yr 1, 3% in Yr 2 |
|and 2% in Yr 3. |
|Product sales revenues Assumed to be 3% of E-learning tuition revenues in Yr 1, 2% in Yr 2. |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

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...Argumentative essay on the benefits of online education Do you know online education? Online education is one of the way to learn various subjects. We can take a lecture or hand in our assignments through the Internet. Therefore, people can learn what they want to learn whenever or wherever they want. In America, some colleges adopt this education. However, this new way to educate students is not prevailed in all countries because in some countries, they have enough educational system for students. Although some countries have enough colleges or educational system, the online education should be a part of educational system in all colleges for three reasons: cost, study environment, flexibility and student centered. First, online education can give a good influence in educational cost. To be sure, some people have enough money to go to college and online education is not necessary because there are many professors who teaches various kinds of subjects and we can ask directly what we want to know without paying money. However, when we think about the poor people with some problems, we can understand the thought that online education should be a part of educational system. For example in Japan, according to the research by Tokyo university, about ten thousand students retired from their colleges for lacks of money every year. To help such students solve their money troubles, if the online education is used by all colleges, we don’t need to pay for textbooks, facilities or......

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Online Education Versus Traditional Education

...Online versus Traditional Education Classes Tara L Mitchell COM/155 November 17, 2013 Kevin Galvin Online versus Traditional Education Classes Even though there is more support from teachers in a traditional setting, online classes can work better for most people and their schedules. Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way - George Evans- People can enroll in either traditional or online classes; they will have to decide for themselves which way works best for them. Online classes they can go at their own pace and adjust their schedule for themselves. If they work a full time job they can come home and do their schoolwork or even on their breaks and lunch time. If they have a family they can do their schoolwork around their schedule for their children if they really want their degrees. Some people will not put the effort forth because it takes away from their “me” time. In a traditional setting they have to be in their class at a certain time and a certain day of the week. It does not matter if work is scheduled for that time or not. They have to be present in the class to get credit for the class. After class they still will have homework to have done before the next class meets. There still is no “me” time when you do the traditional classes. They also have large amounts of classwork so they cannot even......

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Online Education vs.Traditional Education

...essay. We offer no paid services. All reviews are completely free.  Online Education Vs.Traditional Education - With A Free Essay Review Online Education Vs. Traditional Education; University Of Phoenix; Composition One; B. White While Online Education and Traditional Education have similar curriculum, they differ in flexibility, tuition, and being a visual learner to those who are not. There are similarities in the both and that is no matter which one you would choose whether it be online education or traditional education you are achieving your goals that you have set for yourself. While having Online Education, there is more flexibility than traditional classroom because you can do your coursework any time of the day or night without having a set schedule when you have to do your coursework. There are so many people that are choosing to further their education by taking online courses instead of traditional classroom because of their busy work schedules. Professors teaching online education have set hours that they are on to answer any questions that you may have just like they do in a traditional classroom  With cost of tuition on the rise it is still cheaper to furthering your education by taking online courses than traditional classroom setting because of the cost of fuel having to commute back and forth. The cost of books is cheaper because you can use the e books that they have to offer online which is a lot cheaper than having to purchase the books. Not......

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Online Education

...traditional versus online education. Many students behave differently in person than online, and the advantage of “ thinking ahead “ about the topic that’s being discussed in the comfort of your home when the time is right is a big reason cyberschool are becoming so popular. Even with the benefits that online school offer, I am a big fan of traditional education particularly when it comes to children. But as an adult enrolled in an online program I value the advantages they have to offer. Cyberschools have become more and more popular for the past decade and many students benefit from earning a higher degree of education while taking care of many other responsibilities. Full-time employees who want to advance their education are benefiting from online programs. At first I was hesitant to start my BSN program online, and that’s because I doubt myself when I write any message perhaps overanalyzing how my writings will be interpreted and secondly my lack of technology skills. I was convinced by few of my coworkers that just completed their degree online, the convenience of being at home, being able to communicate with other students despite barriers of place and time, and nonetheless improving my technology and writing skills. “ Every student will work at her pace.” (Nadell, Langan, Comodromos, 2011, p. 283). The range of options for the degree programs that many online colleges offer are wider than public institutions. Regardless of student's preference, online......

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Online Education

...everyone, Today, we have a dream that online education should be used widely. I would talk about how online education helps people at different ages and different educational levels. Firstly, Online education is much better for some smart students who want to learn more. Actually, they often want to get higher grades, they have the strong goal to achieve. So, with the help of online study, not only they can get the more educational resources from the Internet, but also they could benefit more between the campus and online study. Secondly, Online education helps young woman and mothers to continue to study and get a degree. Young woman who has a baby could choose online education because they can study at home safety. Mothers who need to take care their children and family could choose online education. Because they can save the time to go to campus and take care their children carefully at home. At the same time, they can get the degree easily as same as the others on the campus. Thirdly, online education might be a good choice for people who are engaged in full time jobs to study and get degree. If they take on campus courses, may be they don’t have time to continue with their business and even more seriously, they will lose their jobs. So if they want to have higher education, if they want to have more working experience, if they want to get more chances to choose the companies, there is no question that online education is a good choice to help them to......

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Online Education

...Do you know what online education is? Online education is one of the ways to learn several subjects. We can take a lecture or submit our assignments through the Internet. Therefore, people can learn what they want to learn. However, this new way to educate students is not activated in all countries because in some countries, they have enough colleges or educational system, the online education should be a part of educational system in all colleges for three reasons: cost, environmental and flexibility. First, online education can give a good impact in educational cost. Some people have enough money to go to college and online education is not necessary for them. However, when we think about the poor people with some problems, we can understand that online education should be a part of educational system. For example, many students stop studying in colleges because of the money. To help those students solve their money troubles, if all colleges use the online education, we don’t need to pay for textbooks, facilities or transportation and so on. Therefore, the online education cost us less than go to college. That will help the poor keeping studying. Also, it will be useful for people with enough money because they can save money. Second, online education can offer us good environment to keep studying. However, if online education became a part of educational system, people using it cannot join in some activities at college. In that activities outside some lectures are......

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“Business Plan on Online Vegetable Shop”.

...Business Plan on Course: Entrepreneurship Development Course Code: MKT- Prepared For: Afrin Chowdhury Lecturer Department of Marketing (Evening) University of Dhaka Prepared By: Tasmiatul Kabir ID-41323042 Raju Ahmed ID- 41323033 Devashish Banerjee ID- Ashikur Rahman Adwit ID-41323040 Asad Bhuiyan ID- University of Dhaka Semester: Summer-2014 Letter of Transmittal 6th August, 2013 Afrin Chowdhury Lecturer Department of Marketing (Evening) University of Dhaka Subject: Request to accept the Report Dear Madam, It is a great pleasure for us to submit our report on “Business Plan on Online Vegetable Shop”. We have prepared this paper as a partial fulfillment of the course Principles Entrepreneurship Development. We have learnt a lot while preparing this paper. We hope that this will help us in our future practical life. In preparing this report, we have tried our level best and worked with most sincerity to gather information and make it as well structured as possible. We will be obliged, if you kindly accept this report. We are ready to make you clear regarding any confusion or further clarification from this report. Sincerely yours, ----------------------------- Tasmiatul Kabir (On behalf of the New Hirizone group) Acknowledgement At first, we would like to express heartiest gratitude to our supervisor Afrin Chowdhury for his important suggestions, excellent guidelines......

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Online Education

...Technical College Fathima Sadiki Introduction to Early Childhood Careers 1105-30 Carla Weigel 04/16/2015 The Theoretical origin of the field: Theory is figure of knowledge used to outline, clarify, and foretell the behavior. Theory is represent the starting point of intentional curriculum. Also it give the idea “why” effective practice. All the element are tied up together when it come up to development of children. Theory notifies planning, then it will affects the implementation of curriculum, and each informs appropriate assessment. The final result of the assessment feedback to theory. The origins of early childhood education is discover in 16th century work of Martin Luther (1483 -1546). Many finding of the early childhood education to the work of Martin Luther. From this foundation many theories has been found. They found the how to give the best education for young children. There are four main theories. * Psychoanalytic theory - it pressure that what happens to you as a child affects you as an adult. * Cultural transmissionists /behaviorism – main factor for child development is environment. * Maturationists – child natural development is the fact of child development. * Constructivism – Child development effect by how the child interact with the environment and peers. Now there are three theoretical prospective which early childhood educators fall into; Maturationists, behaviorist, constructivism. Maturationism is an early childhood educational......

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Online Bookstore Business Plan

...Small Business: Bookstore Competing Business: Online Bookstore An online bookstore has numerous competitive advantages compared to a traditional bookstore for the following reasons. Consumer habits have changed as a result of technological advancement. Today more consumers spend a great deal of time either looking for commodities to buy or make online purchases. It is imperative that local bookstores embraces this shift in consumer behavior and in addition to having a physical presence also have an online bookstore. An online bookstore also allows consumers flexibility in their purchasing habits. To begin with, purchase books online takes shorter duration of time and therefore is time saving in way. Secondly, it also allows consumers the convenience of shopping anytime they want. This is because an online bookstore does not have the same time restrictions as a local bookstore and hence can operate 24hours a day, seven days a week. This therefore implies that there’s no fixed time to buy books. This consequently results to an increased number of books sold per unit time as a result of the extended working hours. An online bookstore also allows for greater market penetration as compared to a physical one. Whilst a physical bookstore only commands its immediate surrounding market, an online one has traverses boundaries and borders and hence forth can tap into markets far and wide. This is simply because of the convenience it provides customers of making purchases from......

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Education Business Plan

...Brilliant Minds Academy, LLC Business Plan Name, CEO Name, CFO Name, COO Name, CMO Address of School Confidentiality Agreement The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by Brilliant Minds Academy, LLC staff in this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose it without the express written permission of Brilliant Minds Academy, LLC. It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in all respects confidential in nature, other than information which is in the public domain through other means, and that any disclosure or use of same by reader may cause serious harm or damage to Brilliant Minds Academy, LLC. Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned. ___________________ Signature ___________________ Name (typed or printed) ___________________ Date Table of Contents I. Table of Contents 3 II. Executive Summary 4 III. Company Description 6 IV. Marketing Plan 8 V. Operational Plan…………………………………………………………………………… 22 VI. Financial Plan 32 VII. Exit Strategy 39 VIII. Appendices & References 41 Executive Summary Brilliant Minds Academy, LLC (BMA) will be a private school that offers group tutoring, individual tutoring, and a student supply store. BMA is scheduled to open on August 13th, 2012 at 113 Cumberland Avenue in Madison, Tennessee. The school and tutoring programs are on a year round schedule where the classes will meet for 45 days...

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Online Education

...Online education: Background Education is the process of learning and teaching through which one gets knowledge of something. According to philosopher of education George F. Kneller “ education refers to any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual...In its technical sense education is the process by which society, through schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions, deliberately transmits its cultural heritage--its accumulated knowledge, values, and skills--from one generation to another.”(,2009) -traditional classroom education and online education Introduction -form of learning/teaching which takes place via computer network -higher education, non profit organization offering online classes -online education increasing rapidly Significant advantages of online education -time efficient equals cost effective -quality of learning -quality of material, convenience and the level of flexibility exist in online education programs. -successful student characteristics (Nelson, J. (2008). Advantages of online education. Home Health Care Management & Practice, 20(6), 501-502) How do online learning differ with traditional classroom learning? -Not only does online learning provide a stimulating environment for students, but it promotes even interaction among every student because everyone has a say in classroom discussions. -online education programs allow each student to......

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