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CHAPTER 2: COMPANY OVERVIEW 5 2.1 Mission Statement 5 2.2 Vision Statement 5 2.3 Key Products & Services 5 2.4 Strategic Goals and Objectives 6 2.5 Management 6
CHAPTER 3: INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 7 3.1 Threat of New Entry 7 3.2 Bargaining Power of Buyer 7 3.3 Bargaining Power of Supplier 8 3.4 Degree of Rivalry 8 3.5 Threat of Substitution 9 3.6 Company’s Core Competencies 9
CHAPTER 4: COMPANY ANALYSIS AND PRODUCTION PLAN 10 4.1 Company Analysis 10 4.1.1 Cost Advantage and the Value Chain 11 4.1.2 Differentiation and the Value Chain 12 4.1.3 Technology and the Value Chain 13 4.1.4 Linkages between Value Chain Activities 14 4.1.5 Analyzing Business Unit Interrelationships 14 4.1.6 Outsourcing Value Chain Activities 15 4.1.7 Existing Core Competencies 15 4.1.8 Future Competencies 16 4.2 Production Plan 17 4.2.1 Product/Service Overview 17 4.2.2 Facilities 17 4.2.3 Products and Manufacturing Process 20 4.2.4 Research and Development 20 4.2.5 Quality Assurance 20
CHAPTER 5: STRATEGIC PLANNING 21 5.1 Marketing Environment Analysis 21 5.2 SWOT Analysis 23 5.3 Competitive Advantage 27 5.4 Additional Strategic Consideration 28 5.5 Strategic Group Analysis 29
CHAPTER 6: MARKETING PLAN 31 6.1 Market overview 31 6.1.1 Potential Customer 31 6.1.2 Size and Growth of the Market 31 6.2 Sales and Marketing 32 6.3 Distribution 33 6.4 Advertising/Product Promotion 33 6.5 Customer service 35
CHAPTER 7: FINANCIAL PLAN 36 7.1 Projected Startup Costs 36 7.2 Financing 37 7.3 Income Statement 38 7.4 Cash Flow Statement 39 7.5 Balance sheet 41 7.6 Financial Analysis 43
CHAPTER 8:…...

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..........................4 Business Description.....................................................5 Management and Organization....................................7 Production and Operations...........................................13 Marketing Plan...............................................................19 Financial Plan……….....................................................27 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Enviro-Mat is a construction company that seek to specialise in the manufacturing of building materials from waste. The main aim of the business is to reduce the amount of land and water pollution at a profit. Environ-Mat is aiming at producing workable bricks from post-consumer used products. Enviro-Mat is owned by four directors Mr Ngonidzashe Utete as the CEO, Miss Lavender Marisa, Miss Epiphania Rwodzi and Mr Noel Jiri as the board of directors. Enviro-Mat will provide a great deal of environmental responsibility by putting in place measures to facilitate that the environmental input of its operations is minimal. It intends to start operation by 1August 2013. The company projects US150000 in sales in year one. The market segments are clearly defined and all are subject to high growth trend. Enviro-Mat seeks to design the first local Polli-bricks from waste. A continuous and mass production method will be adopted by Enviro-Mat. The company maturity is projected to be 6 years as the company is potentially profitable in one year. BUSINESS DESCRITION 1.1)......

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...Global Business Plan Alvi H20 Inc… Alvaro Global Business Plan Alvi H20 Inc… Alvaro By: Alvaro Padilla INT 601~ BRAD SIMON August 25th, 2013 Brad Simon By: Alvaro Padilla INT 601~ BRAD SIMON August 25th, 2013 Brad Simon Clean, Tasty, Refreshing Clean, Tasty, Refreshing Table of Contents I. Table of Contents2 II. Executive Summary3 III. Industry Analysis4 IV. Country Attractiveness Assessment9 V. Market Database and Assessment15 VI. Global Marketing Plan19 VII. Financials24 VIII. Assessing Risk Factors28 IX. The Management Plan33 X. Summary38 XI. References39 II. Executive Summary Alvi H2O Inc. is an industry that provides new portable water purifier using Bio Sand Filter to target Haiti where there is a need in clean drinking water. The product is in high demand in Haiti as the country recovers from the 2010 earthquake. The company began in June 2013 with Alvaro Padilla as the president and founder. He is also the chief executive of operations and oversees all the operations in the business. He has the capability of running this business successfully since he holds an International Master in Business Administration. The management team to the company is also composed of Andrew Yap as the director of operations whose role is to oversee all the operational aspects of the business and Kimberly Taylor who will assist the director of operations in controlling and organizing resources in the......

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...NAME: NDAMBUKI, PATRICK LUNDA COURSE CODE: BUS 3020 COURSE NAME: PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT LECTURER: PROF. EVANS SHIKANDA TITTLE: LUSH SANITATIONS LTD CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 1.1 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION 3 1.2 MARKETING PLAN 4 1.3 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 4 1.4 PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT 5 1.5 FINANCIAL PLAN 5 CHAPTER ONE 6 1.1 OWNERSHIP 6 1.2 PROPOSED OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE OF THE BUSINESS 7 1.3 THE OPPORTUNITY 8 1.4 THE SOLUTION 9 1.5 THE TECHNOLOGY 10 1.6 LOCATION 11 1.7 THE VALUE 12 1.7.1 Economic 12 1.7.2 Social 13 1.7.3 Environmental 14 CHAPTER TWO 16 2.1 MARKETING PLAN 16 2.2 POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS 16 2.3 MARKET POSITION 17 2.4 COMPETITORS 17 2.5 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 18 CHAPTER THREE 20 3.1 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 20 3.2 STAFFING LEVELS 20 3.3 TRAINING 20 3.4 SALARIES 20 CHAPTER FOUR 22 4.1 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY 22 4.1.1 One-Year Strategic Action Plan 22 4.1.2 Five-Year Strategic Action Plan 23 4.2 DAILY OPERATION 25 4.3 ALLIANCES 25 4.4 RISKS 25 CHAPTER FIVE 27 FINANCIAL PLAN 27 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION The name of the business will be LUSH Sanitation. It is a venture that will seek to address two pressing problems that afflict poor residential areas in Nairobi – build-up of human waste and acute water shortage. It will be located in Kibera. Kibera, being the largest slum in Kenya, will serve as a testing ground, with the intention......

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...Photosynthesis vs. Solar panels. Converting solar energy into other materials dates back to Edmund Becquerel discover of the photovoltaic effect, which is the operating principle of the solar cell, in 1839” (Zamostny, 2011). Since then scientist have attempt to mimic the photosynthesis process used by plants to harness solar energy. In this essay I will show what makes both methods similar and what makes them different. The main commonality that photosynthesis and solar panels share is that they both have the same goal of creating energy which originates from the sun. The utilization of photosynthesis allows plants to use that energy to survive. The sole purpose of solar panels is to create energy to that could be used in day to day life to make our lives so much more enjoyable. The use of this technology allows us to slow the uses of fossil fuel preserving them making our surviving (or comfort of living) a lot more sustainable. Another commonality that photosynthesis and solar panels (photovoltaic cells) share is the absorption of the sunlight. In photosynthesis, the sunlight is absorbed through the chlorophyll which is located in the chloroplasts. Then is converted to chemical energy used to produce organic compounds. The same method is used in solar panels where the absorption of sunlight occurs in the semi-conductors usually made of silicon. The process of conversion of sunlight into energy itself is a common trait. In solar panels the semi-conductors perform this......

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