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* Career Development Plan Part II—Development of a Training and Mentoring Program *

August 16, 2010

Human Capital Management

InterClean has 90 days before its announcement about its new strategic focus. As a manager, I have spent some time choosing who will be on my sales team. I already have an idea of some of the strengths of my new team members because of the skill's analysis Human Resources conducted.
I would begin the planning process for what training is needed for my team by sitting down with each individual employee. At this meeting I would inquire about their current and future goals, identify how they learn best, determine what they can contribute to the team and what they feel their present training needs are in order for them to be a successful member of the team. I would also determine if any of them would be willing to share their experiences with their peers or would be willing to help train their peers in the areas and skills they already possess that will be crucial to the team's success. I would also inquire if they have ever worked in a team and what their feelings are about regarding this. I would have done some of this during my interviews with these individuals and determined their buy-in into InterClean's goals prior to choosing them to be on my team.
My next step would be to sit down with them as a group. I want to determine and discuss how they envision the training and what will work best for them as a team. I want their commitment to the team's success and willingness to share their experiences and knowledge with one another. I would point out that they each possess skills that will make the new team successful and that learning and adapting to their team mates strengths will help them all succeed and grow with the company. By now, they should all know that they will need to be aggressive salesmen with...

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