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Executive Summary

In our modern society there are some very simple leisure activities that cannot be enjoyed by a traditional Arab woman because of cultural restrictions and religious influences. One of these is going to the beach especially when it is public and without the family around, a missed opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and the sand. Also, most women tend to visit some salons in order to enjoy themselves. The concept of creating a lifestyle women club that will cater to the needs of a traditional Arab woman in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia stemmed from the idea of summer fun at the beachfront, perfect getaway and relaxation, fitness and wellness, makeovers and entertainment, and other social activities designed specifically without necessarily going against traditional customs and beliefs. Thus, the lifestyle women club has the objective of improving the quality of life and adding value to each member and guests of the proposed club.

Market study reveals that the all-female center is a new unsaturated niche market in Saudi Arabia. Only a small number of establishments offer facilities for spa and leisure activities. Health clubs for women are rare. Thus creating a gap in the market and providing business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The first in the region, the all-female lifestyle women club will be strategically located in Alkhobar Halfmoon coastal area. The target markets consist of the middle class females in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The lifestyle women club will provide services, facilities and amenities for swimming, dinning, relaxation, entertainment and fitness and wellness. However, the women club competitive advantage rests on the promise of holistic unparalleled experience of a privileged member enjoying the benefits of all-female private club experience and other services.


The culture and traditional in Saudi Arabia prevent the women from doing many things, however the rules of Saudi were more strict in the past years, but now and in each day it has become more flexible. Regarding this, our business is going to be a private ladies club that will allow the Saudi ladies to have a pleasure time in the club. Moreover, our business is going to be located in Alkhobar city specifically in the half-moon which is near the beach; it will be conveniently located occupying an area of 2,000 M2 with plenty of parking. The area has a number of clubs for families and men but none of them serve women only.

1. Goal
To become the first women club in Alkhubar city. And offering high quality services with experienced staffs.

2. Mission
Customer perspective: To give Saudi women the opportunities to stay fit and relax. Investor’s perspective: A unique business opportunities in the industry of Saudi Arabia.

3. Objective
• To develop and encourage women to pursue business, the industry and professions.
• Work to improvement of economic, employment and public conditions for women.
• Work for high standards of service in business, the professions, public and industry life.
• To encourage and support women and girls to get further education and training.

Feasibility Analysis:

1. Product/ Service Feasibility
Our business will take part of a beach and land around the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia and specialize it solely for the use of women, where they can be safely segregated and enjoy their day by either swimming, tanning, chilling out on the beach or utilizing the high quality services offered my our club any time of the year. The services we will provide in our facilities will be related to entertainment, beauty and relaxation. The club will have a gym that will help women to maintain their wellness and stay in shape, and personal trainers will be available on request. We will have spas that offer high quality massaging provided by qualified professionals, sauna rooms, skin cleansing services, and beauty services. Quality and hygiene is our utmost priority that we vow to maintain in order to serve our customers the best way possible to make sure they are satisfied. Currently, more women are taking part in the workforce of Saudi Arabia; they need a place to relax. Thus, we are planning to provide spa services with qualified personal along with high standards and hygiene. Also, food is an important element of leisure when it comes to visiting the club. Thus, we will also establish a cafeteria, coffee shop, and vending machines with high quality dishes to bring joy and deliver more value to our customers. In addition, we will establish a health care shop that will provide imported beauty products. Furthermore, we intend to have renting halls that members can reserve and host their events like weddings, birthday parties and special occasions. Also, we will provide renting rooms available all year so that women can have the perfect getaway in the weekends and holidays.
Target Customers: Our target customers are middle class females that are aged between 15-45 years living in the Eastern Province. Our aim is to target and satisfy the needs of females between the ages of 15-45 who are in need of a relaxation as well as leisure and health oriented facility. Our facility will provide these woman with the a collection of diverse services that will help gratify the needs of women living in the Eastern Province as well as fill in the market gap for “All female leisure and relaxation centers.”
Geographic Targets: Our facility will be constructed in the Eastern Provence and specifically in Alkhobar Halfmoon. We will be located near the beach, which will allow us to create an all-female beach as part of our spa where no men are allowed. This location will give our women club a competitive advantage and create a niche that is hard to be copied. Therefore, we are targeting women who are currently living in the Eastern Province, which includes women living in Dammam, Khobar, Dhahran, Jubail Industrial, Ras Tanoora, and AlQatif. Moreover, we are targeting women from all around the Kingdom as well, who visit the Eastern Province in seasonal vacations.

2. Industry Feasibility
The Entertainment & Leisure industry in Saudi Arabia is lacking, especially when it comes to women in Saudi. With the very limited entertainment options available in the country, it is mostly restricted to males. According to Angloinfo (n.a.) segregation of genders in Saudi is strictly enforced, which limits females from visiting certain places or enjoying certain activities due to the presence of men in such places. An example for that would be going to the beach. Since we live on a coastal area, we have the sea as a geographical benefit with so much available coastal beach space for people to enjoy. Although there are certain areas on the East coast of Saudi where it is reserved for swimming and hanging out like Half Moon Beach and ARAMCO beach, these two competitors do not cater to women. That is due to the fact that men are also present within those beach areas. And the Saudi cultural disables women from enjoying and swimming the beach when there is no segregation and privacy. Going to the beach is a simple leisure activity. Women nowadays are looking for any opportunity to relax and have fun. Lack of women clubs and health spas have lead many women to spend their time at the malls shopping or in ladies salons with no specific need. They simply do not have other things to spend their time in and enjoy. It is the 21st century and Saudi women still cannot enjoy due to the same reason that existed for hundreds of years; the culture restrictions on and the neglected rights and needs of women. Thus, our business will want to cater to the women who want to enjoy their time at the spa, beach, gym, and other facilities available at the women club. Since our business is unique in its kind gives us a competitive edge. We will cater to women with high quality standards that will surely gain the satisfaction and life value of the customer. We will also insure that women will feel special by being in our club and enjoy full privacy and comfort.

3. Organizational Feasibility
As the club requires many resources, it aims to create a competitive advantage from the resources it has. Regarding the human resources, we have highly qualified employees who have a previous work experience in beauty salons. The implication of having such highly qualified employees is that better customer services will be provided and that will insure higher customers satisfaction. Our access to quality human resources makes it much easier to operate the club in a professional way. The fact that our lady club is the first of its kind makes it even easier to access quality human resources in this field as there is very low demand on them.
Management Team:
Our Ladies club will operate as a professional manner, it will run by a senior experienced team of female leaders who understand the market place, our guests, and what it takes to successfully operate a private health and leisure destination for ladies only. The discipline and commitment we apply in the execution of our business strategies have led to sustainable competitive advantages. Learn more about our senior leadership:
• President: Reem Alnobi
• Vice Presedent: Nour Alkhalifa
• Director: Nourah Almoajil
• Operations manager: Reem Al-Dossary
• Wellness & Recreation Manager: Sara Al Ghamdi
• Spa Manager: Ebtihal Al-Qurashi
• HR manager: Duaa Alsaeed

4. SWOT Analysis
In the SWOT analysis the internal strengths and weaknesses of our business will be discussed, as well as the external opportunities and threats that will affect our business.
Strengths Weaknesses

- Satisfying the increasing demand of working women, students, and housewives.
- Create customer loyalty.
- Secure qualified employees.
- High construction costs.
- High recruiting and maintenance costs.

Opportunities Threats

- Collaborations and contracts with beauty salons.
- Subcontracting different parts of the business (Restaurant, Spa…).
- Creation of relationships with suppliers, which will allow for discounts in the future.
- Raising the bar among competitors, and pioneering the spa and entertainment industry.
- Increased number of competition.
- Regulations that might affect the construction of the facility.
- Safety and privacy issues that must be sorted out with government officials.
- The inability to attract sufficient number of customers.

5. Financial Feasibility

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Revenue 23992423 116731700 2419312350
Cost 2087000 2109140 2138650
Profit 21905423 114622560 2417173700


The management strategy that will be used will create major impression on how the business will operate. As such, the proposed business will make of a decentralized management strategy which will consider each proponent as major member of the management team. It will be considered a creative management team wherein each one has equal responsibility and liability in the business team. The general manager will be the symbolic head of the business and all of the members of the management team are entitled to a single vote in the decision process. The management will not be able to come up with a decision until there is enough process of deliberation where brainstorming and analysis will be the prime concern of the team.
The management team will consider its human resource as the most important asset of the organization. As such, the organizational structure will be relaxed and employees will always be considered in all major decisions. Such consideration will make workers feel they are appreciated and they will care about the business like it is their own. There will be incentives and remunerations that will be given to workers who do excellent performance.
The management will focus on two targets: excellent employee performance and total customer satisfaction.

Exit Strategy:

In the first hand, and in case if the business did not make it profitable enough to sustain its operations or not does not attained the profitability as projected, the owners plan to sell the business to a third party, preferable a friend or relative of any of the owners, who has the same vision and enthusiasm about running and managing the business as of the previous owner and will somehow continue the venture the same way that the previous owners conducted the business. In all probability, the company will hire a qualified business broker to sell the business on behalf of the women’s club.
In the second hand, if the business succeed and becomes profitable enough to sustain its operational expenses with greater margin, the owners plan to develop and grow a good brand name and image, and to branch out to other key cities in Saudi Arabia for expansion and eventually every city within the kingdom. Expanding the women club services that would benefit majority of the Saudi women anywhere in the kingdom.

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