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Portfolio Paper: Business Ethics

Business Ethics


Business ethics plays an important role in operation of any organization. It may incorporate the useful application of the ethical conduct in an enterprise setting. Moral actions include not only the ethical compliance through the strict observations of rules and regulations but also setting aside selfish interests and allowing every individual in the workplace to achieve their self-actualization goals. Any ethical organization should foster the existence and practicality of moral behavior within the organizational environment. The association ought also to define certain baseline criteria for measuring the extent of moral behavior and the impact it has on the organization. An ethical-guided organization treats its employees with modesty and fairness. This portfolio paper will focus on the practices that are incorporated by the Philip Morris International (PMI) Company and its efforts to integrate business ethics into the workplace.

A lot of companies and corporations have achieved strategic power that is evidenced by economic expansion and the complete access to strategic materials (Forst and Orris, 2002). Other companies have managed attaining the reach of worldwide markets. Most of the large and complex corporations yield mega profits that exceed the economic budgets of many countries, especially developing countries. Such increase in economic power tends to extrapolate, leading to various associative societal practices. These practices may be geared towards the maintenance of strategic power regarding the economic index in which they base their operations. Companies have direct responsibility for ensuring they do not harm the surrounding environment or the society. These companies, therefore, affect the livelihoods of the people in a direct way. A...

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