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Business Process Analysis and Measurement
Portia Lewis
February 13, 2013
University of Phoenix

Business Process Analysis and Measurement
Performance measurement identifies the dimension of service rendered to a customer. Team C will discuss four of the performance measurements that Disney can use to enhance service to the company. Responsiveness, Price knowledge, Flexibility, and Reliability.
Responsiveness is the willingness to help customers immediately. Disney large theme park, receives many customers entering the park every day. Disney has a full staff, offering good customer service daily. Disney has well trained staff members and if one staff member cannot assist, they have the connection to find the correct answer.
Price tags are visible on Disney products. The company keeps the customers knowledgeable of prices. Disney knows that price tags are important. Without tags on an item, customers may become frustrated and reluctant to ask a sales clerk for assistance. Price tags are important for both the employee and the customer. Once price tags are attached this can save the sales clerk time from look up the item, and the customer service process gets the customer out the door faster.
Another importance is Flexibility. Payment is made with different credit cards to Disney. Once the customer enters the gate to Disney attraction, a slide of a card enters a family for a fun day. Today’s busy world calls for plastic cards and a little cash. Using a card can get a family in the park very quickly. Flexibility involves the way a customer can pay, buy, ship, and return items to a company. Customers enjoy the flexibility service that Disney offers.
Reliability involves the correct technical functioning of the site and the accuracy of service promises (having items in stock, delivering when promised), billing, and product information....

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REPORTS TO:  Manager of Financial Analysis
HOURS:  37.5
FLSA:  Exempt  
SALARY GRADE: 12Overview:The Financial Analyst I will gather business requirements, analyze data, and provide advanced reports to internal and external customers, represent the Financial Analysis team during cross functional projects and perform the job in accordance with Neighborhood's Mission, Vision and Values.Qualifications:Required:
 - B.S. in Business or business related field
 - 3-5 years of relevant professional experience
 - Advanced spreadsheet skills (Excel)
 - Strong knowledge of relational databases
 - Budget experience
 - Financial modeling skills
 - Business analysis experience
 - Strong analytical skills
 - Ability to recognize and recommend process improvements
 - Desire to take ownership of work 
 - Customer service skills
 - Demonstrated team mentalityPreferred:
 - MBA
 - Managed care experience
 - Knowledge of business intelligence software
 - Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) preparation experience
 - Managed care contracting experience
 - Knowledge of statistics for calculating medical expense trends
 - Knowledge of time value of money concepts
 - SQL experience
Duties and Responsibilities: 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 
 - Monthly financial close responsibilities

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