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Start up list for * GYM * Flying fox * Spa * Solar powered * Koffee kart * Rock climbing * Multi purpose hall
Resistance Equipment
Organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and American Heart Association recommend that you include some resistance training to heart health and weight loss workouts. You don't need to lift heavy weights for the purpose of building large muscles, but items such as resistance bands, dumbbells and a medicine ball all help you add resistance to your cardio workouts. If you want to achieve more muscle building, free weights, including a bench set, heavier dumbbells or a kettlebell, may be the best choices for your gym. A multi-exercise weight machine, commonly called a home gym machine, lets you build muscle and perform cardio exercises if you use less resistance. This might be your best choice if two people with different goals will be using the gym or if muscle building and calorie burning are important goals for you.
Exercise Machines
You can buy less-expensive, consumer versions of fitness center cardio machines, such as treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines or stationary bikes, for home use. These machines are your best choices if your main priority is cardio exercise. They will help you create beginner fat-burning exercises, intermediate aerobic workouts and more advanced sprint training workouts. Other than a rowing machine, many cardio machines offer little or no upper body resistance.
Miscellaneous Equipment
If variety is one of your goals for exercise, equip your gym with items such as an ab wheel, exercise ball, jump rope, bike trainer and pull-up bar. You can use these items to help you build muscle, improve core strength and burn calories. They can offer an alternative to your main workouts to help you prevent plateauing.

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Rock Climbing * Rock climbing business infrastructure:
An indoor climbing place needs a proper climbing wall. The wall has to be of a certain height in order to be able to simulate the real thing under controlled environment. You must be careful about various aspects of rock climbing wall, that is, the height, the steepness and angle, the texture and if possible, various levels of difficulty. The quality of infrastructure is a very important ingredient of constructing an indoor rock climbing gym and could very well determine the outcome of the business venture in terms of failure or success. * Indoor Rock climbing equipment:
Apart from the basic infrastructure, quality equipment is also of paramount importance. There are various items that need to be in ample supply for rock climbing patrons to learn the ropes and make the transition from amateur to professional, from indoor to outdoor rock climbing. Rock climbing shoes would vary with the kind of texture and material of the wall. Rock climbing ropes and harnesses are also required to ensure the safety of those who would like to practice rock climbing. There is separate equipment for children also.
Multi-purpose hall for net ball, futsal and badminton * Goalpost * Ring for netball * Net for batminton

Flying fox pun aku inda tercari. We can get the info from BARA
Spa im not sure what we providing.
Solar panel and koffee kart should be ada listnya..
Siapa saja kan update.. update saja.. thanks..

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